A Higher Festival: The Sweetwater 420 Fest

    The annual Sweetwater 420 fest holds on the closest weekend to Earth’s Day, and this year is set to hold on the 19th to the 21st of April, at the Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

    The three-day music festival has been in existence for about eleven years and has moved location over the years. After its tenth year anniversary, the Centennial Park has become its permanent center, and this event aims at fostering interests in music and artistry, through beer hangouts, and discussing environmental issues; entertaining everything local and international into the event.

    Before the event annually, charities and nonprofit seminars and programs are usually organized, to create awareness, and to give back to the community. This festival is usually presented by Sweetwater Brewing Company and hosted by Happy Ending Productions and has over the years fulfilled this purpose. From the beer pongs to the music features to the arts and crafts market has sure been engaging and impacting. For example, people are now more aware of the different reasons for global warming and developing a cleaner and better environment.

    Having featured many known artists in previous times, this year aims at having the likes of The Avett Brothers, The Claypool, Zen Selekta, Iration, Moon Taxi, Michal Menert, The Band of Heathens, Flow Tribe, etc on the festival, thereby creating an event with different genres of music like pop, rock, reggae, RnB, local music and highlights of comedy.

    The event requires registration via Eventbrite in order to attend, and after registration, a wristband would be given. Registration helps to make adequate plans for the guests, know the expected size. This wristband would serve as an entry or gate pass throughout this three days event. This wristband cannot be transferred, removed or given out. It helps to curb unnecessary crowd and protect your belongings and properties. These wristbands which are only worn on the wrist are waterproof, and so you could take your shower with it for the three day period.

    Ensure your wristbands are bought from Eventbrite and aren’t worn too tight. Only valid wristbands will be allowed for the festival, and it is also advisable to wear the wristband only when you want to keep it on.

    Furthermore, this event is particular about your environment of course, and so is situated at the lively part of Atlanta, making it possible for you and your loved ones to explore the city. The scenery of Atlanta Skyline is second to none and is sure a checklist for tourists. This event also makes it possible to try out various beer pongs and drinking booths. Mild drinking competitions are also available. The art lovers aren’t left behind, as there are so many stands that have different beautiful items, both local and foreign.

    This event is one many Americans look forward to, as it helps to eradicate boredom in the society and foster friendships amongst themselves.



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