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Our Authors

Corrine Collins: Born the oldest child of her Waukegan, IL native parents, Corinne Collins has always had a love for the creation process and language. Fueled by her early role models, Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey, her passion for writing, music, and dance are palpable but to hear her speak. Her first publication was a school newsletter that she submitted poems to and was surprised by her teacher’s high praises of them. But, it sparked a path. Her career began in her teenage years when she began writing songs with Rayz-Up Records, Inc and 808 Productions. With her natural curiosity in play and hunger for learning, she expanded her writing to encompass publication on national and international platforms including blog entries, poems, SEO articles, and essays for print, websites, and social media. With a BA in Communications Studies and a fluent grasp of the Spanish language, Corinne infuses her cultural sensitivity and desire for all voices to be heard into all of her work. This woman of distinction is always looking for ways to empower and be empowered by means of innovation, art, and literature. She holds true to her love for creative writing by continuing various projects such as screenplays, skits, poems, songs, and stories that will soon be made available for audiences everywhere. This woman entrepreneur, mother, and writer looks forward to using her voice as a way to help people heal, advance toward goals, and simply understand that are all simply here to have the best possible experiences. Twitter @cocotubman IG go4coco Snapchat cocobabee7


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