Airport Art: The Hartsfield-Jackson Art Museum Flies High

    Hartsfield-Jackson Art Museum
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    What is that one thing that you desperately seek when you are looking for respite after all the panics, frustrations and anxieties that you incessantly go through every day? The clear answer that will strike your mind is “art” in any of its form.

    This exact scheme of recess has been implemented by the airport authorities at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport by establishing a museum that holds art exhibition to spare the visiting passengers from their long hours wait, tiring travel experience and the unending queue at the baggage collection section.

    Simply taking a few moments out from those monotonous processes to glance over the artworks at display will soothe your heart and freshen up your mind. To be honest, the particulars in the exhibition are such masterpieces, that they will themselves draw your attention without you putting in extra efforts.

    However fantastic this idea and its execution might sound, the road leading to its final establishment was never easy. Beginning from choosing an array of artists the best ones followed by a series of internal approvals, to legal agreements with the artists to ensure bringing together all diverse artistic styles under one roof; the vision had to match the final denouement. With each passing day, the whole idea is attaining higher levels of sophistication, ambition, and technologies.

    Around $15 million has been spent in its development which is among one of the largest investments in the city where one percent of the capital is generated from the funds of city projects captured by Atlanta’s public art master plan combined with the fees drawn from airlines lease payments and parking revenues.

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    The idea first started as an embryo in 1980 and today it has evolved as a magnanimous gallery of arts that requires around 60,000 employees for its functioning and turns host to over 250,000 guests daily and its success is rightfully so. In the words of the former public art coordinator at the Fulton County Arts Council, “it is important to include not just national and international blue-chip artists, but significant works by some more important artists of the region, so the collection reflects its location-grounding visitors is critical” sets the tone behind the whole vision.

    The exhibition is divided into two categories, one being Permanent Exhibits that include works of artists like Don Cooper, Steve Waldeck, Christopher Moulder, Radcliffe Bailey Collen Sterling and many more and the other being Rotating Exhibits with masterpieces under ‘Courage Under Fire’, ‘Nature Revealed’ and ‘Youth Art Galleries’ and scheduled performing arts series.

    The basic intention behind this whole project apart from striving to include Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport among the best airports around the world also genuinely desires to provide momentary interlude to all its visitors through art. The artifacts besides portraying art, it covers a huge range of social issues that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. This exhibition serves as a means of bringing forth the unparalleled works of the great artists and also brings out the artistic and cultural taste of Atlanta and Georgia to its residents and people visiting the cities from afar.



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