With this Artist Spotlight we bring you… Boonie Slim, a young artist on the rise from Georgia’s neighboring state, Alabama. Coming out of Birmingham, Boonie explains his views on how the music scene from his area compares to that of Atlanta when it comes to underground artists such as himself.

  • Good Afternoon, I wanted to start by asking you what you feel the similarities are between the music scene in Birmingham, where you’ve nurtured your craft, and the music scene in Atlanta, where you hope to expand your success?

Boonie Slim-To be honest, Atlanta has grown over the years in the music industry, while Birmingham is still pushing forward to get noticed; not just from rap, but from all types of music. In similar ways, I feel that Birmingham has the same hunger and strength to potentially get noticed as Atlanta rappers.

  • Being a proud citizen of Birmingham and someone who is starting to build a buzz in your city, how important do you think it is for artists to build their brand in their hometown before branching out to other cities?

-I think the best thing is to have your hometown behind you, but in some cases you have to branch out as well. It’s best to stay connected to your home citizens and branch out as well.

  • Compared to other places, such as New York and Atlanta, Alabama hasn’t had many artists that have garnered long term mainstream success. Why do you think so few artists from Alabama are noticed compared to artists from other states?

-From my understanding, it’s simply because Alabama has smaller cities, and Georgia has a bigger distribution market, as well as New York.

  • Your style seems to be geared towards the streets and fans of trap music. Would you consider making more party centered or songs for the ladies to widen your appeal?

-Absolutely! I’ve been working on different songs that are more diverse so that I can reach out to all cultures and different genres as well as Hip Hop.

  • With your Trap Stories and your Real Life Vol. 1 Mixtapes already online, are you currently working on your next release? If so, when can the people expect it to drop?

-Real Life Vol. 1 will be dropping August 21, 2016. As of right now, listeners can hear samples from the upcoming mixtape on my soundcloud page.

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