Atlanta City Council’s New Bonus Reform Announced

After the investigating team concluded that the bonuses paid to the members of the then Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reeds for the year 2017 had violated the Gratuities Clause of the Georgia Constitution, bonuses amounting to more than $518,000 were paid out to the members by then leaving Mayor Reeds.

According to the Gratuities Clause Government can give away bonus to members who have done something substantial for public benefit. Such bonuses were also paid earlier and records shows bonuses till 2008. However, there are no such signs that any rule has been violated during the payment of such bonus. Now, that it has been concluding it was decided to make ordinances for reform in the Atlanta city bonus.

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The legislation is passed by the council for making the process of awarding employee bonuses in accordance with the state gratuities law and city ordinances.

According to the new ordinances, an eligibility criterion will be set based on which the Mayor and the council members will select the recipient of bonus for that particular year. The criteria set will solely depend upon the benefits derived by the public.

In the ordinance nothing is said about those criteria, rather the job has been left to the Individual council members and the Mayoral representatives. Still, there is no clarity about the fact that whether the bonuses declared with be in parity with the gratuities law as it says that bonuses must be given out to prospects and not based on the past performance.

When an employee works beyond their normal duties for any kind of public benefit they can be awarded the bonus. If there are any criteria that makes clear to the employees about the requirements to be fulfilled for this bonus then it will be better for the employees to achieve that as they will be aware of their goal.

Only permanent and full-time employees will be considered while declaring the bonus. The City Auditor wants to make it clear that the bonus will be awarded in such a way that it justifies the performances of every employee. Everything should be transparent and not like that what happened during the 2017 bonus declaration as mentioned earlier.

Looking into the incident that happened under Reed’s Mayoral tenure the ordinance has fixed that no members or employees can get a bonus that exceeds 10 percent of their base salary. For awarding the bonus the authorities have to utilize the excess money of their departmental operating costs.



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