Atlanta Government Corruption Investigation Goes Deeper


Atlanta’s City Hall is under investigation for corruption, and since the investigation began, it’s looking as if there’s much more to the story. Former Mayor Kasim Reed’s cabinet might’ve been in on it as well.

The investigation report showing that the former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has used more than $50,000 from his personal and campaign bank accounts on his city-issued credit card. It’s not the first time that any city official has abused city finances. If we look back to the year 2015, DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison for using city funds for her personal expenses.

Specifically, the investigation is probing into requests and appeals for leaves as well as all records regarding payouts to cabinet members. The investigation itself is in part due to concerns levied from officials accepting bribes and other forms of behavior unfit of public office. As the federal investigation makes its rounds, so far 9 subpoenas have been issued to gather information about who else was involved in this matter.

It’s really surprising that a mayor of the state and the members of his cabinet have used
a government credit card to pay for their hotels, dinners, luxury air travel, and political donations and considering the total amount equals more than a hundred thousand dollars, they had to know someone would be taking note.

Insiders believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg—there will be more to come, especially as the paper trail begins showing more and more about the administration’s corruption. As it does, there will likely be more hearings, subpoenas and charges brought up. If Atlanta’s local government is to ever be completely free of wrong-doing, it’s imperative that this federal investigation route out all possible avenues and make examples of those who would be so inclined in the future.



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