Atlanta’s ‘Airport City’ Could Break Ground This Summer

Photo Credit: Bizjournals

Atlanta’s new 320 acre Airport city is the new schema to look out for. It remains the largest multi-use development planned till date that is expected to operate from the coming summer. The plan is designed to include retail for 610,000 square foot, hotels of 1050 keys, offices for 650,000 square foot, medical centre for 990,000 square foot, laboratories for 495,000 square foot, corporate campus of 468,000 square feet, 512 multi-family units, 192 for town homes and 270 units for senior living.

All this has been planned around the plot that has remained unused for a long time around the world’s busiest passenger airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Apart from including the aforementioned amenities, the project also incorporates a pedestrian bridge connecting the Airport City to Georgia International Convention Center and also connects the ATL SkyTrain from HJAIA to the development.

This is an initiative that was taken by the AeroATL or the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance whose main objective of projects have been that of transforming the huge acres of land adjacent to the airports that till date had only been used to construct warehouses or hotels, restaurants and restrooms for the convenience of the airport staffs and passengers.

Nobody had really given it a thought before because since time immemorial these lands have only been used to serve this one purpose because of their proximity to the airport. But now, we will be seeing a change coming that will optimize the land’s use for commercial development. The company was founded in 2015, the same year in which ‘The Pad on Harvard’ rise was celebrated by College Park leaders and the business executives, the first new apartment complex in decades.

The Aetropolis Atlanta Alliance is a group that is aiming at drawing crowds from all directions of the city at the locus of the city with domestic and commercial attractions so that their vision starts taking shape as soon as possible. They are on their way of signing a contract with their first ever developer, the AJC reports, after which the site is expected to take its form.

If everything works out in the desired way, then, the Airport City will be one of the world’s largest sites for urban development. This project will not only accelerate the urbanization but also stands a chance of crossing the optimum population density that will not be too desirable for the inhabitants of the city. Because it will be located in the prime area of the city, it is destined to come under notice not only of the local residents but also of the people from neighboring states who are looking forward to shifting to this city.

According to reports, the whole project is estimated to cost a whopping 500 million dollars, but the plan was initially designed to cover around 3.5 million square feet of land, which was later modified to contain around 10 million square feet that also will be engulfing the neighborhood. This project is one of its kind and with all its infrastructure and consequent costs are one of the largest proposals that will come to life!



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