Atlanta’s Gentrification Problems and the Rising Costs of Living Here

In Atlanta, Moore is among the 187,000 household that is living in edge of disaster, this is making them use sometimes more than half their monthly wages for bills, and are facing financial ruin. This is the true face of gentrification, and we’ve been looking at it for sometime now. If you don’t make enough money, you don’t live here. As inflation increases, that nice, comfy job you have becomes less of a freedom and more a burden.

Denise Cleveland said “everywhere I go to lacks affordable housing” who is an administrator in the department of Housing and Urban Development in Atlanta based region. When we can’t get an affordable housing then the market begins to diminish. The money for renting a house has continue to increase day by day by so doing, this has increase the rate at which people work just for them to be able to afford a house.

56,000 vouchers has been provided by HUD in Georgia, we have more than half of this vouchers in metro Atlanta who are to assist people in paying their rent. But even with this, people still have to work really hard because the number of people that are been squeezed is really much, even when there is lots of jobs and low unemployment. After recession has ended, the growth of rent has really been outpacing, that is, those that earn modestly has to move or use more of their money for the payment of rent.

Whether buying or renting, the problem persists, and it’s getting worse by the day.



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