AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: MARC LACY Author Spotlight: Marc Lacy

An accomplished writer, poet and public speaker, Marc Lacy is definitely a jack of all trades when it comes to writing. Whether it’s poetry or his fiction novels, Lacy is sure to keep his readers engaged and entertained. With his motivational lectures, he’s able to keep the people inspired to soar until their goals have been reached. has recently reached out to the author to find out what makes him tick, as well as his own advice to up and coming writers in the world.

When did you first find your love for writing and flare for public speaking?

  •  I first found my love for writing while in middle school writing essays in my creative writing classes. I found my knack for public speaking when I was in college, having to speak at different events on behalf of different organizations. I really thought to myself “Hey I can do this”, and knew that if I took time to hone my skills, I would be able to take it to the next level.

What was it about writing and public speaking that made you know for a fact that they were the paths you wanted to take in life?

  • I consider myself a “left brain/ right brain” type of person. The two endeavors where actually two things that I didn’t have my heart set on initially. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering. In my first corporate job, I noticed that I was having to do a lot of technical writing and had to do a lot of speaking to explain things in briefings. So they just went along naturally with my career.

As a fiction writer, poet and lecturer, what makes each of these endeavors special and/or challenging for you?

  • The challenge for me was that of being type-casted. I started out as a public speaker then went into performing spoken word and publishing poetry. So everywhere I went, everyone expected me to only do spoken word and poetry. I knew I had a good pen for fiction from writing flash fiction on my own. When I started publishing fiction, it was challenging to make the transition, not because of the writing itself, but getting people to buy into it. I think getting people to buy into it was the most challenging thing because when folks saw my name, they immediately thought spoken word and poetry.

It seems like you’re a versatile writer and performer. How important is it for new writers out there to explore different mediums, find their niche, and see just how far their own level of versatility can take them?

  • I think it’s extremely important! Once new writers find the flow of being a professional writer, getting their first publication done, they’ll realize that the life of a writer is unorthodox and can be boring at times, but you still have to hone your craft. I always tell the writers that I mentor than when you’re writing fiction and hit a wall, you should write an article. If you’re writing articles and hit a wall, then you should write a blog (on another subject). If you’re blogging dries up, then why not try speaking into a microphone and recording yourself or even speaking to a live audience. My whole point in saying all of this is that by doing the aforementioned, you’re exercising your ability in different avenues. For example, when I started dwelling more heavily into fiction, it helped my poetry. Once I started blogging that helped my fiction writing. But it’s important for each writer to establish their brand and give their audience something signature to remember them by.

Can you tell us about your weekly Power Chat and why it’s important?

  • The Power Chat is people of like minds getting together on a frequent basis to discuss their careers and the different steps they’re taking to achieve their goals. You can have a group power chat, or you can break it down into several separate power chats. I personally find that it keeps me motivated in being a writer and pursuing my literary endeavors. Writing may not be a team sport, it can mundane, it can be boring, it can be exciting, it can be humorous, and it can be sad. But if you have someone in your mix who is like-minded, has a lot of drive and motivation, and you’re interacting with them on a weekly basis, that can only motivate you even further.

As a native of Huntsville, AL, how much of your inspiration comes from your hometown, upbringing and being from the South?

  • My mother is a retired educator, and my father is a retired logistician, so there was a lot of literature and reading going on in the house while growing up. Both of my parents made me and my siblings read and write book reports. They also emphasized proper English and grammar. My father even had a poem published in the American Poetry Anthology. So my inspiration started right in the household. Being in the south definitely played a part of my inspiration, but I consider myself a military brat since we did a lot of traveling because of my dad being a civil servant for the military. This allowed me to get a lot of different culture from a lot of different places. But in being a native of the south, there are plenty of inspirations to pull from.

Tell us a little bit about your two new CD’s, Untitled and Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast.

  • Untitled is my sixth spoken word CD. It has a combination of great singing vocals and awesome instrumentals. I worked as executive producer and came up with all of the concepts. As far as subject matter, I touch upon various relate-able topics. I think it’ll be intriguing because it has something that everyone can relate to. Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast is my first CD lecture series and it’s just pure and raw motivation! It’s a five part production where I talk about flying high – aiming high for your goals, flying long by being consistent and flying fast, where my motto is “Rome may not have been built in a day, but it didn’t take forever either”. In this lecture series, I share life experiences and basically broadcast what I use as motivation personally to reach higher.

Are you currently working on any new written projects, either fiction or poetry? If so, when can we expect to see or hear the new work?

  • I have my Whiskey House trilogy, and I am working second book of that trilogy. The first in the series was Curse of The Whiskey House. The second will be titled Viral Xgression, and should be out by later in spring 2017.

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