Author Spotlight: Shaun Sinclair


Shaun Sinclair is the founder and owner of Pen 2 Pen Publishing. His company’s motto, “Putting Power into the Pen” is also its mission statement, as Mr. Sinclair rediscovered his gift of penmanship while incarcerated. He strives to use his success as motivation for others to triumph over adversity, and gives back to his community through the Sinclair Literary Scholarship, which awards worthy high school students for literary achievement.

Shaun SinclairMr. Sinclair is a member of the Soaring As Eagles community outreach ministry, an organization dedicated to helping youth by providing them with life skills training, mentorship, one on-one tutoring, and activities designed to broaden their horizons. A passionate advocate for social change, Mr. Sinclair is a motivational speaker with the unique ability to effectively address diverse audiences, speaking truth to power.

KG: What is your favorite genre? Why?

SS: It constantly changes between Crime Fiction and Political Thrillers. Overall I love a great story. Crime fiction written really well excites me because getting over on the system is the American way. I can live vicariously through those stories. Political Thrillers because despite my dazzling wit and charm, savvy ambition, and political intelligence… I will NEVER be in politics. Lol. However, I am very intrigued by the big deals above and below board. I can relive those experiences in those books.

KG: When did you decide to write professionally?

SS: I began writing as therapy but when the plot of a book I had submitted for publication was “borrowed”, and the book went on to sell millions, my professional literary career was born.

KG: What is one word to best describe your writing style?

SS: Detailed.

KG: What is your greatest literary accomplishment?

SS: Releasing my first novel, Forbidden. At that moment, I accomplished my dream.

KG: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

SS: Keep the big picture in mind and don’t focus on the money right away. A successful literary career is a JOURNEY.

KG: Who is the target audience for readers of your work?

SS: Women of a certain age who are in touch with their femininity, and the men who desire them, primarily. My books are versatile enough to convert new readers, yet totally capture the hearts of avid readers.

KG: Describe Gangsterotica

SS: It’s a perfect blend of Crime Fiction and Erotica. Gangsterotica is what happens when the streets meet the sheets!

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