Everybody stop what you’re doing right now! (Unless you’re buying baby gifts!) The Queen Bee just brought two heirs to the throne into the world!

Beyonce, and her husband Jay Z welcomed a set of twins into the world in Los Angeles on Monday June 12, 2017. Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, was the first to confirm the births to the public. He made a tweet at 10:11 that simply said, “They’re here!#Beyoncé #twins #jayz #happybirthday”. We don’t know yet if Beyoncé gave her father permission to release the information. If not, this could be a source of tension between the two. A healthy Beyonce has been staying at the hospital with her newborns for the past week. The Carter twins have some minor issues that need monitoring but Doctors refuse to give any details on the matter.

Has there been a Gender Reveal?

While the genders of the twins have yet to be officially confirmed by the couple, a “mysterious package” was delivered to the hospital earlier in the day before the birth was announced. According to E! News and other outlets, a woman was photographed carrying a bouquet of pink, blue and purple flowers, as well as two baby foot-shaped that read “baby girl” and “baby boy” on them. The woman drove into the underground parking garage of the hospital before leaving without the balloons.

Although the bouquet may have been for another blessed couple, this led to speculation, amongst fans and people who witnessed the mystery woman with the package, that it may have been for Beyonce and Jay-Z. However, another detail that may hint that the package was a gift for Beyonce was a card that said “B & J”. If the bouquet was for Beyonce and Jay-Z, then we would be celebrating the two superstars’ first son and second daughter.

Did Beyonce give us a hint Back in April?

In April 2017, many fans speculated that Beyonce had given a hint to the gender of the twins after a pic with blue and pink butterflies in the background was released. The couple didn’t waste too much time before officially announcing the birth of their first born, Blue Ivy. That announcement included gender and weight. Although the couple has been extremely private in the past, they may be willing to reveal the gender of the twins sooner than later. They may even bless their fans with pictures pretty soon.

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the delivery of their latest additions to the Carter family! We hope Blue Ivy is ready to take on her duties as a big sister!

**Update: it has been confirmed by multiple sources that the Carter Twins are a Boy and Girl!

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