Beyoncé Maternity Shoot


WAIT, WORLD STOP! Beyoncé not only welcomed Black History Month announcing SHE’S PREGNANT with TWINS, she also managed to embody the Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty & Fertility while simultaneously celebrating the Pagan holiday of Imbolc.

With the sun in Aquarius, a time of unpredictability and expression, Beyoncé is giving us life, literally! In translation, Imbolc means “in the belly” (uh-hunh, she thinks she slick) and honors the Celtic Goddess Brigid. With her gift of creativity, the Goddess Brigid represents planted “seeds” from the inspiration of ideas and affirmations, things to ripen as the year grows. Naturally… Queen Bey didn’t stop there, she secretly uploads a whole maternity shoot to her website where she embodies a black Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Love & Fertility.

Venus by Botticelli

Now, it’s been particularly quiet in Beyoncé news here lately and now it all makes sense! …She’s been hiding a growing baby bump! The symbolism in the timing of her announcement and style of her maternity shoot begs the question, does she know January 28th marked the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster, her animal sign in Chinese Astrology?? I mean… basically she just announced It’s the Year of Beyoncé’s Fertile Belly.

Beyoncé’s vision for her maternity shoot was captured by Awol Erizku and include her first bundle of joy, a little Blue Ivy, celebrating the news of becoming a big sister!