Book Review: House of D’Antonio by Reece Cooper James

King D’Antonio’s dilemma is to unearth a passage through lands divided by the expansion of time only to wed the chosen one who can remove his family’s curse. He must cross over to another dimension to find the ancestor from this family.

Will his powers allow him to travel through time to bring back the only woman who can remove the curse? Or will his voyage finally cause an end to the reign of D’Antonio?

D'AntonioAbigail embraces the powers she inherited from her ancestors she’s careful not to misuse them. Instead of building friendships, she envisions the perfect one-an imaginary friend. But, she may have conjured into existence more than intended. He’s not just a daydream, he’s everywhere; he’s in her most intimate moments. Will the King succeed in uniting with his maiden who can detach the spell? Or is she purely a mere mortal without the powers her family once controlled?

The House of D’Antonio is a fantasy romance between mortal and immortal beings. This tale’s twist shows us how the mind controls the soul to travel through and around dimensions. But caution is imperative during these experiences; anyone and anything can impede a soul-less body. 

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