Candler Park Music Festival 2019

    Photo Credit: Jambase

    If you are in Atlanta, then the Candler Park Music Festival is your best bet. This music festival is a two-day event that brings food and art to your doorstep, with the purpose of fostering friendships and reunion. Being the 11th annual festival, the event is going to be hosted by Dispatch and Greensky Bluegrass, with Organizers Rival Entertainment as the promoter.

    The sole aim of this program is to foster a relationship between music, food, and art. Various genres of music are to be played during the 48-hour event, and exotic dishes ranging from local to international foods will be served, as well as thousands of artwork and depth of cultural heritage to be displayed.

    The event, which has been in existence for over a decade, is once again going to take place at your neighborhood event park, and this year has higher music bookings. One stage, but one thousand and one events!

    In past times, there has been maximum security and total satisfaction and of course, we do not intend slacking on that this year. There have also been a countless number of reviews and recommendations in which we have featured the likes of Twiddle, Keller Williams, Webster, Grand, Susto, Railroad Earth, The Motet, Chelsea Shang, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Revivalists, Leftover Salmon, amongst others. This year aims at featuring Funk you, Stephen Marley, Aqueous, Larkin Pole, Dr. Dog, just to mention a few.

    A single ticket would cover for the two-day event, and tickets, as usual, cannot be transferred or gifted. Attendees must be above 12 years of age, in order to be sold a ticket. Meanwhile, attendees under the age of 12 must come with an adult for entry process, who must also possess a ticket. This is to curb any child emergencies.

    Tickets are available via a couple of online stores, and with time, ticket prices are likely to increase, so cop your ticket as soon as possible. VIP ticket holders must be at least 21 years of age, and this is just another method of ensuring maximum security. Regular tickets would include access to the artist market, complimentary bicycle valet, food court, concert field, and of course entry into the park.

    The VIP ticket offers all that is in the regular ticket plus access to Rival Skydeck to tower the festival in a much better view, Terrapin Beet, Fontis Water, and many more benefits, but a valid ID card for age 21 above is necessary. Tickets will be on sale from the 30th of April, till the day of the festival. Exciting foods will be available for tasting, local arts would be displayed and auctioned for all to see and purchase.

    This event would be suitable for a family getaway, couple’s hangout, or even alone time to get rid of stress and play the sorrow away.

    Wouldn’t you rather be at this event?



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