Cascade Fun Center Featured In HBO Doc ‘United Skates’

Photo credit: HBO

What is it about Atlanta that resonates to most of us? It’s the nostalgia we have of the countless time spent in Atlanta’s Cascade Fun Center. The fact is, that this place isn’t just a place to skate. It rather is a place where community formation and bonding are well in-tact. For some people skating might just be a part-time fun activity.

But the Cascade Fun Center is different in terms of how people even interact with each other. The point of discussion is, that the Cascade Fun Center showcases a unique roller skating culture. That sheds light on the strong bond that makes the entire community well-knit with each other.

Many people, including Tina Brown and Dyana Winkler who were making their first documentary, were of the opinion that the art or the culture of roller skating doesn’t exist anymore. Or in other words, it was dying by the hands of millennials. Interestingly, their path leads towards the Cascade Fun Center where they learned that the culture of roller skating is fully alive and thriving. Filming for over 500 hours, they drafted a documentary which will be released under HBO ‘United Skates’.

HBO ‘United Skates’ is the epitome of black culture using a certain sports lifestyle to emancipate themselves. The documentary focuses on different aspects of the black lifestyle. It includes how skating rinks were considered as a foundation of young Atlanta in the late 80s and early 90s up to today. Prominent artists, including Coolio, are interviewed in the documentary who shed light towards how roller skating was considered a community within the larger realm of hip hop.

HBO ‘United Skates’ is a celebration of the diverse role of roller skating in African American roller skaters. It showcases moral and ethical issues that press towards the idea of using sports to bring unity among people.

Cascade Fun Center is a place which values team spirit, community building and last but not the least, an undying love for roller skating. For Atlantans to see Cascade Fun Center is featured in the documentary is an absolute honor. As the place perfectly depicts how Atlantans live their lives!



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