Charlie Murphy

The world is left aghast… Famed Stand-up Comedian and Actor, Charlie Murphy, has lost his battled with leukemia in the early morning of April 12th, 2017 in a NYC hospital.

This news comes as a complete shock to most fans who had no idea that he was fighting for his life at the age of 57.

Cancer?! Not Charlie Murphy who told us of his hilarious, yet cherished memories playing basketball with the one and only Prince?! I can’t! DAMN, DAMN, DAMNNNN! Not Charlie Murphy who held his own while being cast alongside his super famous brother, Eddie Murphy in the “Harlem Nights”?!

Charlie Murphy was no small potato.

He was never overshadowed by his younger brothers shine and carved his own star on the walk of fame with his bright smile and knack for storytelling. I loved him in movies and saw him completely as his own force. Damn 2017, don’t with this… just don’t.

He is only survived by his three children (one from a previous relationship), as his wife died in December of 2009 losing her own battle with cervical cancer.

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