Celebrity News: More Baby Momma Drama: Ciara Sues Future

By: Christopher Mobley

            As some of you may know, break ups tend to get pretty ugly, especially when a child is involved. However, in most situations, exes are able to eventually put their differences aside for sake of raising their child without talking down on their ex lover too much. Sadly, when it comes to pop singer Ciara and her rapper ex fiancé Future, this is not the case.

Ever since Ciara started dating Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, Future has taken every opportunity to speak his mind, for better or worse. Whether he was stating his displeasure with Ciara bringing a new man around his son during the early stages of her new relationship, or claiming that he’s not receiving his rights as a father despite paying $15k a month in child support, the Atlanta rapper has shown that he refuses to hold his tongue. However, Future’s mouth as well as his “Twitter fingers” may have put him in a situation where he’ll end up paying.

After Future’s latest Twitter rant, in which he claimed that she has “control problems” and is allegedly forcing him to go through lawyers to see his son despite paying his child support; Ciara has decided to strike back. Instead of getting her payback in the form of another song, or getting into a shouting match with her ex fiancé, the singer has decided to go the legal route in the form of a defamation lawsuit. Asking for a whopping $15 million in damages, Ciara claims that Future’s purpose for constantly blasting her on interviews and Twitter is to simply use her name to gain notoriety and promote his music.

There’s no telling how this may end. Will Future look back and realize that he is wrong for some of the things he says, or will he shell out the cash just to have more ammunition for later disses? Will Ciara actually go through with the lawsuit, or will she have a change of heart? One thing is for certain; those paying attention to the whole situation are in for a wild ride!



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