Political Awareness Event

Cigar Mike’s Monthly Political Awareness Networking Forum

What better way to celebrate the birth of one of the greatest political and social activists of our time than to connect political candidates and business owners at the Historically Black Owned Pascal’s Restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Event host and cigar aficionado, Cigar Mike is doing just that and he’s brought on Jack Daniel’s whiskey to assist him! Cigar Mike will host a monthly event that engages the business professional in a conversation directly with the city’s political candidates.

“Political-Awareness-Networking-Social are words not often used in the same sentence and never used all together. When put together these words describe a forward thinking event that is based around people and their awareness of the political machine. Knowing who your local politicians are and being able to relate to him/her on the issues that matter to you, as well as keeping abreast of policies and their stance on them is essential. Cigar Mike has created this monthly forum in order to know who our local politicians are on all levels city, state and federal level.” – Event Page, Facebook.com

Beginning Monday, January 16th, 2017 Georgia Professionals will join their local political office candidates for a Q&A forum that aims to keep the community informed on issues that focus on the heart of the People. Business Owners will also network with other Business Professionals creating an energy flow for partnerships on groundbreaking opportunities! It’s an event that one surely won’t want to miss …Especially someone who cares about the foundation of social awareness. This is a opportunity to get in involved at the onset of a candidates campaign and have your voice heard!

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/240866072991567/


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