Court TV Returns to the Airwaves Live from Buckhead

Photo Credit: Forensic Magazine

The Atlanta based Katz Network, Court TV is now ready to give another amazing opportunity to its former employees and the subsequent incarnations such as HLN and truTV. After 11 years, they are again ready to serve the audience with extensive coverage of interesting criminal trials.

Note that, the Buckhead office of this 24 hours network is now ensuring its remarkable return with 70 employees. They are now going to serve the audience via broadcast channels, cable, new app along with living streaming on

The managing editor and vice president of revamped Court TV, John Alleva recently said that this return was a dream for a long time and the iconic brand is finally back with a new version to serve the audience in the 21st century.

Reports reveal that the Vinnie Politan had recently left his job from Atlanta NBC affiliate 11Alive network where he was working as an evening anchor for a long time. Scott Tufts, the former CNN producer called him to join this rebooted network.

Politan is well known as a former prosecutor at New Jersey, and he had spent several years transferring cases to HLN, truTV and Court TV as well. Now, Politan will be hosting his own show from 6 to 9 pm on weekdays, and in this show, he will recap as well as analyze the day trials.

You might be aware of the fact that Court TV was originally launched in 1991 and it served the audience through cable TV up to 2000. During those years, this TV covered many scandalous criminal trials from Phil Spector, JonBenet Ramsey, O.J. Simpson, and the Menendez brothers. But the network faced a dilemma over time, and its ratings started falling below as they were not able to present any hot crime trail on the screen so long.
Later, Turned Broadcasting from Atlanta captured audience interests in the market and they finally killed off Court TV by 2008. With time, that network transformed into a comedy channel that got popularity as truTV and today it is more popular for some prank shows such as The Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers.

In the past few years, many people left their reviews about the trial coverage. A 49 tears old Woodstock customer care employee, Cheryl Harris said that she is always excited to watch the trials on TV while holding a bowl of popcorn in her hands that she cannot hold in the actual courtroom.

As Court TV is now back on the network, the criminal trial viewers are excited to enjoy the new shows while sitting on their comfy sofa at home. The Court TV team is eager to serve the audience with the best collection of Law and Crime series in this multi-platform era. It can be easily watched on all web-enabled devices and on smart TV as well.



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