nba playoffs

Last night, Two teams faced each other for the third time in a row in the playoff finals. This is the first time this has happened in NBA history.

The teams were Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Understand the significance of this third game in the playoff series. Game two was the first time that a player on each team earned a triple double (double digits in three stat categories). Golden State is the first team in history to go undefeated leading up to the finals, and their victory last night extends the longest winning streak in playoff history.

Golden State’s outstanding success has raised some questions from basketball fans and professional commentators alike. Commentators from last night’s pregame show stated that if Golden State beats the Cavaliers three times in a row (which they have now done), Lebron will not deserve to be called the ‘best player in the NBA’. Golden State threatens a complete sweep in the best of 7 series. If they accomplish it, many commentators will use it as evidence that the best player is not on Cleveland but on Golden State.

This game truly deserved to be part of the NBA playoff finals.

It was thrilling, fast paced, and closely-contested. From the impressive moves to the amazing shots, it had everything one could ask for in a basketball game. The most notable highlights for me included Lebron’s attempted pass that ended up in the net (he scores even when he doesn’t mean to) and his driving drunk at the beginning of the game, Irving’s amazing footwork that led to his dunk near the end of the game, and Durant’s three- pointer with less than a minute remaining which initiated the Warrior’s sudden comeback.

All the players were excellent with extraordinary skills and shooting abilities, but the most standout ones to me were Irving and James on the Cavaliers and Curry and Durant on the Warriors. Irving had some unbelievable shots, ones I was certain would not go in before they entered the net before my very eyes. James was consistently good. His unselfish nature was portrayed through his many assists, and his confidence was exemplified through his dunks and draining of three pointers and field goals.

Curry’s skill on the ball never ceases to amaze me.

In many circumstances where I was certain there would be a turnover, he used his stunning dribbling skills to keep possession. Additionally, he had many impressive shots and assists of his own (8 field goals, five 3 pointers, and 6 assists). It was interesting to see the contrast between 6’8’’ beast of a man, named Lebron James, barreling down the court and the lithe and quick 6’3’’ Curry. I remember one instance when James was about to dunk and seemingly out of nowhere, Curry darted past and snatched the ball away.

It was a game that no one could truly call and that I would never bet on. The tide went back and forth frequently, and either team could easily have taken the win. Both teams were fantastic, but I argue that Golden State had better team play, and this contributed greatly to their win. It was a riveting spectacle of a game, and I can’t wait for the next one! Shout out to my cousin Braeden for his vast knowledge of basketball. It was a huge help in this article!