Georgia State Capitol Awards Native Son T.I.

    Photo Credit: USA Today

    Clifford Harris, Georgian based rapper, actor and songwriter is in no doubt well known for his philanthropic acts to the community and individuals. As at Friday, he received a prestigious recognition and ovation from Georgian State Capitol for his regular ‘give back’ to the community, this being among his sixty-four other awards in previous events he has bagged.

    T.I’s activism and philanthropy are second to none. And over the years, there has been quite a number of certification to prove this. He sure has the interest of the community at heart and strives towards the betterment of Georgia and humanity. His non-profit charity has over the years helped many individuals and families. From his annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway to his regular community projects and empowerment for youths, he actively involves himself with the disadvantaged, caring for people with Alzheimer and Dementia. He has also been involved with many projects over the years; such as the hurricane relief efforts, black life awareness, education and youth entrepreneurship programs, and of course, Harris Community Works which is his charity foundation.

    He is an ardent supporter of his country, and this is even seen in his association with everything ‘local’ and promoting Black essence. He once gave out a large number of tickets to citizens to see ‘Black Panther’. His nationalism can also be seen in the peaceful protest he joined sometime in 2016, against the police involved shootings of African-Americans in the country. He successfully led a large number of people in the peaceful protest.

    Tip, as he is fondly called in Atlanta, Georgia, explained in a recent interview that giving back to the society is essential, and even with his ongoing career, he intends to continue helping the community for as long as he can. In his help to the community, he provides shelter for the homeless; he feeds the disadvantaged and hungry, raising many entrepreneur youths, and curbing maladaptive behaviors through counseling amongst them. He believes in fairness and justice of all citizens, which includes the right to education for all. He also implores his colleagues and other advantaged members of the society to give. He further explained that we have to be accountable for our community and welfare and this can only be possible if we, as citizens pay attention to our hometown by making it more habitable.

    Georgia is indeed elated to have such a person who puts the interest of his community at heart and is quite patriotic. Meanwhile, Georgia State Capitol also honored Killer Mike, who has also made notable positive impacts on the community and has sure collaborated with Tip in some of his albums. The two men, in their quest for a better state, explained that clean water and other basic amenities should not be lacking in the society and this can only be possible with the help of others. The importance of available social infrastructure cannot be overemphasized.



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