Georgia State Lottery Raises Landmark 1.2 Billion for Education

When all over the world, people are worried about the rising cost of education; something really amazing happened in Georgia education sector. If we look at the recent reports, the total worth of $1.2 billion, 07,369,000 has been transferred from Georgia State Treasury’s Lottery to the Education account. When compared to the stats of the previous 26 years history of Georgia Lottery, it is reported as the largest annual transfer in the market. It is stated that the total amount raised for education in the state at present is $21 billion.

It is good to know that with the past several years; Georgia Lottery has provided countless opportunities for children education. They are helping families to set up strong educational and learning foundations for their kids. This education amount is usually provided to the high school students in the form of scholarships so that they can run their routine expenses and educational needs with ease. Gov. Brian Kemp recently announced that it is a record-breaking investment for economy, workforce, and students as well.

If we look at the stats, with the growing trends and competitive forces in the educational sector; the cost of education is also increasing worldwide. In this scenario, parents often find it quite difficult to arrange all high-quality stuff for their kids. Georgia Lottery program is here to help parents to stop compromising for their child’s education. They can join the fund specific education programs such as Georgia’s Pre-K Program and Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program. Note that more than 1.8 million students until now have received financial support through the HOPE program. Whereas, around 1.6 million kids in the four-year age group have attended voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program at several locations within the state.

These scholarship programs have brought new hopes to the students, and they are now able to gain easy access to education. Gretchen Corbin, the CEO and President of Georgia Lottery, recently said that our success is primarily a team effort that is designed to provide long term benefits to all Georgians. The recent fund collection is another record-breaking investment for the upliftment of students, economy, and workforce as well.

State officials recently said that the overall profits of Georgia Lottery have increased by $1 billion within the previous four years.

The huge amount raised through the supporting scheme is going to benefit several students in the different corners of the state. It is going to set up a strong foundation for the bright future of the state in all sectors. The true fact is that education plays the most important role in the overall growth of mankind, economy, and status of a country as well; hence, the efforts made by Georgia Lottery are really appreciable. These fund specific programs can ensure huge growth in the education sector and can create a bright future for the upcoming generation as well.



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