Have It All While You Do It All

Living the life of luxury often requires making sacrifices that others are unwilling to make to live the lifestyle the most would never even dream of having.

It means waking up earlier than most people would be willing to wake up to do work that most people wouldn’t even bother doing unless their lives or livelihood was personally affronted in some way.

It means bypassing this season’s Louboutin’s because business investments have to be made this quarter to explode the next three quarters.

There are many sacrifices that winners make to keep on winning.

It’s just what we do.

But, while you are kicking butt and taking names, remember a few things:

  1. Dead men tell no tales.

While keeping sights on the pinnacle of success, remember to keep a keen eye on your health and diet.  These areas are often easily overlooked until there is a serious situation.  With a fast-paced, neck-breaking pace is great for knocking goals out of the park; the same principles do not bode well in terms of eating healthy and staying in shape.

Since most things are easily accounted for when scheduled, be intentional about your meals and activity level.  Make time for these things and get nonnegotiable about them.

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Prevent illness is much more effective than having to take days off to recover from illness.

Remember, whether it’s money, possession, or some other creature comfort, nothing that we own is more important and more irreplaceable than our bodies.


  1. Be wholehearted.

Learning to find balance in an unbalanced world is a challenge that many of us face.  However, it is a challenge that can be overcome by staying in the moment and reminding ourselves of what we truly value.

How often is the story told about the person who wins the lottery or someone who gets fame or fortune suddenly and then squanders or lose it in some other way?  The reason for this is that there is an imbalance.  While their net worth may have increased, their personal value did not.  And when things are mismatched in this way, the subconscious mind seeks to find that balance in the best way possible (ie taking you back to your most whole state).

Fan-favorite Donald Trump (ha!) was featured in a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters and his children noted that he was always busy during their formative years.  He unapologetically points toward his impressive legacy.

Be honest.  Be reliable.  Be respectful.

But, most importantly, know what is important to you and be unapologetic.


  1. Take It Easy

This might seem easier said than done.  Or maybe it seems counter-intuitive to working toward goals and being productive.  But, learning how to shut down when need be, learning when to take pause in the moment, and learning how to be driven by action rather than anxiety are all key factors in moving forward.

Many times, we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform that we miss the chance to recharge our batteries and reflect on where we are in the stream of things.  Often times, reflection can help to bring about a fresh perspective and streamline activities that could have reduced effectiveness.

Just.  Breathe.


To whom much is given much is required.  And when much is required from a person, who has the same 24 hours in a day as anyone else, knowing where to sacrifice and when not to are just as important, if not more so, than execution.

Abundance is available to all who seek it.  It simply takes being laser focused on the right values, principles, and actions that make it all happen.



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