Author Spotlight: How I Came to Accept Him

The life of radio personality and celebrity blogger Vivian ‘Gossip Viv’ Billings was never easy. As a mother of two at the age of sixteen, she dealt with the harsh realities of an abusive relationship, and a boyfriend uninterested in helping raise their children. With great personal strength, she eventually left him behind and began a new life with her children.

Years later, Vivian once again called on that inner strength when her child, Kadijah, confided in her that he was not her daughter, but her son.

The news came as a shock to her. She vowed to protect Kadijah and herself by separating her personal life from her public persona. All is well until Vivian began filming VH1’s, The Gossip Game. It isn’t long before Kadijah’s gender identity becomes an on camera topic of discussion. What was once a personal matter is laid out for the world to see. Faced with the feelings of being exposed, emotions soon run high. Heated arguments take place, and Vivian loses track of what’s most important; her relationship with her child.

vivian and transgender son

Although it seemed like things would never get better for Vivian and Kadijah, who is now known as Kamal, they inevitably do. Vivian is proud of the man Kamal is becoming, and although uncertain at times, she provides love and support to him when he needs it the most.

A Novel Penned with Love

Vivian eventually penned her debut novel, How I Came To Accept Him: Loving Your Child For Who They Are. In this emotionally accurate account, readers will be given a front row seat into her world and it’s reality. One thing is for sure is that her life is not scripted and there is no editing nor deleting of scenes.

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