How The Government Shutdown Shuttered Atlanta

History always serves as a guide and we have seen that whenever the government is unable to perform its duties properly, natives are the one who suffer the most and a similar thing happened in Georgia when due to certain conflicts and financial crises at Federal level, the most economical sources of recreation i.e. parks, museums and zoo etc. were affected the most.

The alarming thing is these places are shuttered without any further notice of reopening in the near future. Most of the spots in recreational parks are closed and many are expected to be closed in coming days. This shutdown not only affected the locals but also the people who rely on these places to make their livings and whose only source of income was the daily wages they acquire through these sources. Moreover many federal employees are forced to provide their services at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport without any pay.
This federal shutdown also resulted in closing of most of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta. People who came all the way to have some quality time with their loved ones were significantly disappointed to see most of it closed, they kept on lurking in the park which was of no use because the things which were worth watching like Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, were closed.

The signage displayed at the doors of these places just added more to the dismay. A lot of people remarked this shutdown movement amateur. They said that federal government should be competent enough to handle this situation in a better manner.

People came from Tennessee, Brazil and many other distant places to experience the fun this place offers but faced a serious setback when they came to know that most of the places they plan to see are shuttered. Some visitors said that they had an idea that situation would be critical but they didn’t know that it can be this worse.

This shutdown didn’t affect morale of the people and they still came for their evening walks and strolls and carried on with their normal routine but the parking position was comparatively chaotic.

In the morning around 8 a.m. the traffic condition was much worse. People claimed that the currently constituted government is amiss which can’t handle such petty affairs and are making lives of the citizens miserable.

This shutdown will keep on affecting most of the federal employees until a new budget is approved by the government but the Department of Health and Human services and Pentagon won’t be affected by this as their expenses were already approved.



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