Invesco’s $75M Push for Midtown’s Improvement

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Invesco, one of the biggest independent investment management firms worldwide, has been helping clients with insightful, well-managed investment opportunities for many years and is now set to create more employment. Working in 25 countries across the world where they have ground level offices with their employees helping clients out with constant guidance, even down to the grass-root level investment management, their financial expertise has successfully brought them to one of the top most positions as financial advisory firms with the responsibility of managing $975.2 billion in assets for their clients. And now, Invesco is going to expand even further- at the same time opening up several employment opportunities.

This new announcement came on Thursday from the Gov. Brian Kemp’s office. The new $75M expansion is going to take place around Midtown, especially Atlanta.

Invesco, a company that has redoubled its amount of assets over the last 12 years and employs roughly 7000 people currently, would be able to help out Atlanta as well as their global clients in multiple ways through this expansion. Martin L Flanagan, the CEO of Invesco spoke along exactly similar lines hoping that based on their experience of 40 years, they would be ideal in mixing the local and the global. His hope lies in the company’s meaningful expansion and in what way it can meet the clients’ needs in Atlanta as well as across the globe. The Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms also commented on the Invesco project saying that it “is a testament to the role public-private partnerships play in creating new jobs and economic opportunity for Atlanta residents.” As part of the expansion of its global headquarters, the investment company would also move into a new tower within the planned Midtown Union development by 2020- thereby locating Atlanta as one of the major centres of their global business.

Many notable companies have made major real estate moves in Midtown in recent years to locate offices near Georgia Tech’s Technology Square. Therefore, Invesco’s strategic expansion would come in handy in a number of ways that would help expand business with these other high-profile companies. In spite of the several other companies settling their global headquarters in Midtown, Invesco’s expansion in Atlanta is far more significant as a company based in Atlanta itself. This has opened up 500 jobs for Atlanta’s citizens echoing mayor Bottoms’ sentiments regarding the potential and success of economic expansion by a public-private partnership.

Thus, one of the largest employers in the financial services sector in Atlanta, Invecso’s new investment in expansion attempts to create further jobs, namely 500 through this increased presence of the company in Atlanta, which in turn would make Atlanta a global location in their business model- bringing an opportunity for the locals to work in Atlanta Invesco while also broadening the horizon and expanding the business at a global level.



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