It Girls: Hollywood, Fashion, and Internet

It Girls are some of the most influential women in the world.

We all know the famous, popular, female icons who lit up our screens and filled our magazines for years. Women like Halle Barry, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyoncé achieved star- status and served as powerful role models for girls everywhere. Today, many types of It Girls exist, and there are several contenders competing for this status.

Hollywood’s It Girls are praised for their stunning looks and undeniable talent.



One likely option for Hollywood’s next It Girl is Margot Robbie. The 27- year- old actress and producer dazzled the eyes of viewers in Focus, Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Her popularity was evident last Halloween.



For better or worse, it seemed like every other teenage girl’s costume was Robbie’s character in Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn.


There is controversy surrounding the overwhelming white majority of Hollywood It Girls.

Critics assert that Hollywood only ever allows room for one African American It Girl. While I agree with these arguments, Margot earned her success and fame with her phenomenal performances and her courage in taking on a wide variety of different roles. However, it’s a bit strange for the next American It Girl to not actually be American. Margot’s Australian!

Rich Cohen at Vanity Fair writes, “Auditioning and acting and studying from afar as she waited for the perfect moment, the perfect wave, which she rode from the beach in front of her town on the Australian coast all the way to the billboards along Sunset Boulevard, where her face is blown up to monstrous size in an effort to sell not one but two summer blockbusters”.

Competitors for next internet It Girl include Sonia Ben Ammar, Isabella Peschardt, and Cami Morrone (Okwodu at Vogue).


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Isabella Peschardt

These women utilized social media and the internet to launch their modeling and/or acting careers to ‘star level status.’ They’ve accumulated thousands of followers on Instagram and achieved success in the highly competitive and sometimes brutal worlds of acting and modeling.


There is one up and coming celebrity daughter who has the potential to become fashion’s next It Girl. I’m talking about Ewan McGregor’s daughter: 20-year-old Clara McGregor. This beautiful, blonde starlet boasts 17.4 thousand followers on Instagram and recently secured a Wilhelmina modeling contract (Who What Wear). According to Dacy Knight, McGregor is set to make appearances at both Baja East, Oscar de la Renta and Moncler. Another name to keep your eye on is one Carlotta Kohl. Kohl is an excellent photographer, a stunning model, and a certified art and fashion insider. Okwodu writes that she has “one of the most colorful feeds in fashion” (Vogue).


These women exemplify the increasing importance of technology in daily life.

Regardless of profession, maintaining a web presence is crucial for success due to its usefulness in marketing people and elevating them in their respective fields. It’s fascinating the ways the internet continues to change the world. People can become famous in the comfort of their own homes with nothing more than a camera, chic clothes, and a keen fashion sense.

With so many potential It Girls, it can seem impossible to choose just a few. Nevertheless, it’s ultimately up to the people to decide. So, what do you think? Who deserves the coveted title in each field: fashion, internet, and Hollywood? Feel free to leave your nomination below.

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