Longtime fans of Katt Williams know him not only for his classic standup routines and his pimp persona, but also for his attitude and ideology of being able live your life the way you want without worrying about what others have to say. However, Katt Williams’ behavior has not only been erratic lately, but is landing him in more and more hot water with both the media and the law.

Earlier this week, the comedian got into a scuffle with a teenager. While the two videos that garnered heavy traffic in the beginning showed Katt Williams punching the young man in the face, followed by the teen putting him into a sleeper hold, later videos added more insight into the full situation. Apparently, Katt Williams was playing a game of soccer with youths when the teenager began to argue with the teen. As the young man got closer to Williams and continued to insult him, things escalated into Katt punching the teenager and from there… the fight ensued. Although the full video shows the comedian/ actor being antagonized by the youth, there are still many questions to be asked regarding the situation. Was Katt Williams wrong for losing his cool, or was it simply “old school justice” to attempt to teach the young man a lesson in respect? Most importantly; WHY IS THE YOUNG MAN WHO FOUGHT KATT WILLIAMS 17 YEARS OLD AND STILL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL?!
Although this lead to a frenzy on twitter and many fans having their laughs at the situation, this is still something that raises concerns for the comic. How long will the erratic behavior continue? Pictures of Williams posing with fans shortly before the incident as well as the fact that he was spending time with children in the neighborhood shows that he is indeed staying true to his reputation as a down to Earth person who loves his fans. However, when every other month (or what seems like every other week lately), a story of him having another violent outburst arises, one can only wonder what is truly happening with Katt Williams?kattwilliams1

Watch Full Video of The “Childish” Brawl HERE!



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