Morehouse Professor Proves “It Takes a Village”

morehouse professor
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While most people have heard the saying “it takes a village” before when it comes to raising children, in some cases, it takes a professor. At Morehouse College, a renowned HBCU in Atlanta, Georgia, this is precisely what happened on March 1.

When Wayne Hayer failed to find someone to watch his baby girl, Assata, during his class period, he had no other choice but to show up to class with Assata strapped to his chest. After arriving, he quickly explained his situation to his professor, Nathan Alexander.

While some professors would have had no time for explanations, what Alexander did next touched the hearts of many. He offered to hold Assata himself so that Hayer could “take better notes.”

Alexander continued to hold Assata on his chest after the lecture was over and he answered his students’ questions. Despite not having children of his own and feeling nervous to hold the baby, Alexander said she did well the entire time and joked that she started falling asleep because he was boring her.

After another student tweeted a photo of his professor holding the baby girl, it quickly went viral and has since garnered over 50,000 retweets.

Alexander’s act has reminded people worldwide of the importance of coming together, and will undoubtedly inspire others to perform acts of kindness.



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