After a long, hard week of work, there’s nothing like sharing a night in with your special someone with a few good movies. What’s better to spend the night watching than a few romantic comedies. While there are a few African American centered romantic comedies available on DVD, you can save time and money by finding great choices on Netflix. So cuddle up on the couch with your boo, grab your snacks and/ or drinks, and get ready for laughs and love with these five great films!

Black Coffee (2014) large_sYqbI2mymfD3CQC4qO32IdlTZ1WLosing your job sucks. Losing your girlfriend also sucks. Seeing as both of these things happened in the same day, to say that Robert is had a bad day is a great understatement. However, with an entrepreneur  cousin who motivates him while giving him the raw truth and a new business partner/ potential love interest, he’ll start to see how good things can come from a bad situation. Will Robert’s luck start to pick up, or will returning exes get in the way of his new love and career? Starring: Darrin Dewitt Henson, Christian Keyes and Lamman Rucker


November Rule (2015) november-rule-352334-posterSteve is a young entrepreneur who is close to opening his own business with his childhood friends, and has a great relationship with his girlfriend of six months. There’s only one problem; Steve goes by what he calls “the November rule”. Every year on November 1st, he comes up with an elaborate lie to leave the woman he has spent most of the year with before having to fully commit during the holidays. However, things become much more complicated when his most recent ex becomes involved with a potential business partner who is not who he seems. Even worse, he still may have feelings for her. Can Steve keep up with his convoluted lie while keeping his feelings from interfering with a partnership that may potentially make his business take off? Starring: Mo Mcrae, Tatyana Ali, and La La Anthony

Marry Me For Christmas 09559e831d9ec01d34c454966aad540aIn another holiday themed romantic comedy, career driven business owner Marci is headed home to celebrate Christmas with her family and old friends. The only problem; she knows her family is going to let her have it about not having a good man yet! Her solution is to convince her handsome employee, Adam,  to come with her and pretend to be her fiance. While her family buys it at first, her childhood friend see’s something wrong. Will the charade hold until the holiday festivities are done, or will friends, family and business put a wrench in Marci’s plans? Starring: Malinda Williams, Brad James, and Karon Riley

movieposterMy Favorite Five Although she’s young, gorgeous, and has a promising career as a partner in her father’s corporate collection agency, Hailey still can’t seem to find “the right one”. After a sit down with her brother, she realizes that her problem is that she looks for all of the right qualities instead of finding multiple people to fit the right needs. Tired of settling for men who only fit one of the requirements she seeks, Hailey adopts the “Favorite Five” ideology; Five men, each satisfying the needs of protection, intellect, romance, money and most important of all, “satisfaction”. Things seem to work out until she meets Christopher, her latest target for the collection agency, who just happen to possess every trait she desires. Can Hailey keep business and pleasure separate, while making sure her other “favorite five” stay within their respective lanes? Starring: Rochelle Aytes, Brian White, and DeRay Davis

Four great movies, each with enough love and laughs to keep you entertained for your “Netflix and chill” night with your favorite someone. The comedy will keep you and your partner rolling, while the on screen romance will remind the both of you what makes your bond so strong. So grab your blanket, snuggle up close, and enjoy these hilariously romantic flicks.



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