You Never Know What They’re Thinking



Have you ever attended a social or a business function, and did not get the reception you thought you’d receive from certain people? How was your energy after that? Many people say that when this happens, they just shake it off and basically keep it pushing. However, you know and I know, sometimes it’s not that simple. When these encounters happen, the rest of your “near future” could be impacted greatly…whether it “should” be or should not be. Often time we are left thinking, “What did I do to them?” Subsequently, we may be led to second guess our actions towards others at that very event.

Thing is, while we’re in the heat of the moment, it’s not easy to analyze and make the best and/or most intelligent call going forward in assessing the situation. However, it is a MUST that something be learned from this. It’s also a MUST that we analyze rationales for this occurrence as well. Why? Simple; because every time it happens, we are thrown off and left immediately wondering why this and why that. But at the end of the day, it happens for a reason.

Some say it’s not that deep.

Okay, fair point. But, anything that makes you stop and think as you break your rhythm is worth analyzing. With that said, none of us are perfect. We have moods, modes, and phases that play into how we carry ourselves, especially in a public setting. There’s always interesting chemistry that easily gets taken for granted as human beings greet one another in a social atmosphere. How easily we forget that people go through things. And when one is having to endure some sort of hardship or setback, it could weigh very heavily on their psyche.

As you make your presence felt in a public setting, there may be dozens of these types of people in the venue. You may never know unless you can either get into their mind, or simply have some sort of interaction with them. See, people know how to configure their “exterior” so that they can blend right into the environment. But make no mistake about it, somebody in that room is going through something that they are really trying to keep hidden…that is until you find a way to indirectly siphon it out of them. But, let it be a reminder of the fact that “stuff” happens, and people have to deal with “stuff.”

Now, having already said a mouthful; Is their reaction to you is stemming from a “feeling” that they may have about you?

What do I mean here? You may represent a place in which they want to be; but for some reason or circumstance, they have not been able to quite get there. I’m not necessarily talking “hater” either. I’m talking about somebody who has worked hard and is legitimately frustrated with their progress or lack thereof. Now having said this, I’m certainly not justifying being envious or bearing a “whoa is me” attitude. But, you JUST NEVER KNOW how you may impact or affect the next person simply by being who and what you are.

Sometimes it has nothing at all to do with how you greet them, if you greet them at all. But everything to do with what they think of you and how they see themselves; which has nothing to do with you technically; but it does, indirectly, simply because you’re the subject. But then again, you receive a certain type of reaction from them and just NEVER KNOW what they’re thinking.

Ultimately, as I alluded to earlier, unless you’re in their mind, you really just don’t know…and you may never know.

I mean, how many people do you share your inner-most thoughts with? Of course, some may say, why give this so much thought and analysis? Why not just go about your business and call it day? Well, to be frank, people may say that another person’s non-reaction to them doesn’t hamper them. But I don’t think they’re being all the way honest. As a human being, when you do not get the reaction you anticipated, you WILL think about it at least. And if you think about it, it’s going to lead to perhaps wondering “why?” Additionally, if they have bad energy towards you; but seemingly good energy towards the next person, THERE IS A REASON.

To an outsider it may sound crazy; but there are some people who ONLY live within their own paradigm. And you probably will never see the goings on within that paradigm. All in all, the best you can do is become aware…and that is pretty much it. I say this because it would be impossible to think that you could “solve the thoughts of others.” Just accept the fact that YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY’RE THINKING, and go forth with your life.

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