New Eats: Soul Crab Atlanta

Main Street in College Park is soulfully serving up seafood with the opening of Soul Crab. The owner, chef Darius Williams, opened Greens and Gravy in 2017. Expanding his endeavors as an author and YouTube chef, Darius Williams offers a different take on seafood dishes with Soul Crab. The once Radical Café is bringing in tons of customers with their appetizing blend of soul and seafood menu.

Soul Crab offers a delicious menu for pretty much any time of the day, ranging from lunch, to late night. The greatest part about the menu is the offer of seafood-by-the-pound. You read that right. Pounds of snow crab legs, as much crawfish-by-the pound as you want, and peel-and-eat shrimp are a few of the under the sea options you’ll find.

The menu doesn’t stop there. Instead of the traditional melted butter to dip your seafood in, Soul Crab offers a wide array of original butter dips. Choose from garlic, jerk or lemon pepper butter with your choice of heat.

Soul Crab offers more than just seafood-by-the-pound. The mac and cheese flight offers a savory option if you’re wanting more than just seafood. Another great option is pasta. The jerk shrimp and scallop linguine tossed in collard green Alfredo sauce offers the perfect amount of seafood with the right amount of carbs. For a lighter fare, the bar menu offers lemon pepper wet wings, crab cakes, or of course, seafood-by-the-pound.

Lines backed up on opening day causing Soul Crab to be a little slower than usual. Williams took to Facebook to apologize, reassuring customers the restaurant will work out the swarming crowds.

“Thanks to all those who’ve extended us grace knowing we are just opening and really striving to get it right,” Williams posted on Soul Crab’s Facebook page.

Customers commented on the post thanking Williams for his apology. They also mentioned the tasty food and drinks Soul Crab has to offer.

Williams seems determined to make Soul Crab a staple restaurant and customers seems to be happy with the opening.



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