Off the Beat with Marc Lacy: Why Move to Atlanta?

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For decades, Atlanta has been one of the most popular transient cities in the nation.  With vast amenities, a myriad of professional sports franchises, numerous high-tech company headquarters, endless culture, plenty of old-time religion, picturesque residential communities, high-quality college educational options, top-notch entertainment (whatever you like), and a multi-million person population comprised of a very diverse cross-section, ATL is on the map of many for destination cities.  

Numerous professional athletes who are not part of local professional franchises, actually own a residence in Atlanta. Entertainers from other parts of the country and world also claim a home address in ATL. People from around the world who have any type of affluence in any particular profession or concentration, either frequent Atlanta, or actually have a home in the city or within the surrounding area.  “Hotlanta” or as I’ve mentioned previously, the “ATL,” are common references that bear a serious ring to them when referring to the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Whether you love it, hate it, or are simply unfazed by Atlanta and its mystique, you cannot ignore how many people are impacted by the mere mentioning of the name, or various nicknames. Just is what it is.

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I remember in the late ’90s and early 2000s, I frequented the ATL and never missed certain functions that took place on the weekends.  I was in the city so much that many of my classmates thought that I’d moved there. Of course, when I was in my late 20s/early 30’s, anything with curves and a skirt on was classified as “prime choice.”  

Of course, Atlanta is known all over the world for its beautiful and fine ladies…and not only for their looks; but for their status, clout, and professional aptitude as well. And any brother in his playing years would come to the city and practically lose his mind.  I was so enamored, that I put in several job applications and had a few interviews with the endeavor of moving to the ATL. Of course, it never panned out for me to move and probably for good reason. I know I wasn’t the only person considering moving to the city for lustful purposes.

But there were folks who were planning to move for professional, athletic, and artistic opportunities as well. Atlanta is an attractive city for a number of reasons. Unless you were born and raised there, it’s just hard to see anyone getting used to the “activity shine.”

Of course, for every city that gets a ton of attention, there are either an equal amount of negative issues or controversial things that seem to balance everything out.  For instance, Atlanta is also widely known for its notoriously stifling traffic. Rush hour or not, bypass, interstate, backroads, or main thoroughfares…it doesn’t matter.  If you’re driving or riding, chances are that you’re going to get caught in traffic.

And if you did not get an early enough start, you’re going to be LATE. But even if you did get an early enough of a start, if someone has a blowout or if there’s an accident, you can rest assured that several lanes will be closed for a while.  And if you had a slight headache beforehand, you’d have a major one before it’s all over with.

Now traffic is just one of many issues. But of course, this article will not be long enough to cover everything. Another issue is the fact that people move to the city in droves each year and a large percentage of them are driving. To compound the challenge, it’s not like roadways and transportation systems can be expanded at the same rate.  Then there’s the man to woman ratio. If a woman is desiring to move to Atlanta in search of a husband, the ratio is quite sobering (you are certainly encouraged to do research and see the numbers for yourself).

Although it was not in God’s plan for me to move to Atlanta back in the early 2000s, ATL will always be one of my favorite cities.  I must admit, back then, it wouldn’t have been a good move for me simply because my main focus was partying, clubbing, and pretty women.  Nowadays, it’s strictly business and spending time with friends/classmates. I guess I’ve evolved with absolutely no regrets.

But seriously, when people think about moving to Atlanta, they must be serious about that which they are trying to accomplish professionally, but also and more importantly, they must critically analyze where they are in life personally, and where they are trying to go.  One thing you don’t want to do is lose yourself to a city, just because it’s the way it is. No. You always want to grow while retaining the ESSENCE OF WHO YOU ARE. Atlanta is a place you want to move to IF YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GO…and not the move if you’re going to let the elements dictate to you, the direction in which you should head.

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