Off The Beat w/ Marc Lacy: Are You Trying To Be A Celebrity?

    Let’s just be honest:

    Social media has leveled the playing field as far as people having opportunities to be famous and/or very popular. Nowadays everything seems to be contingent on how many followers you have a social media. The aforementioned is the current measuring tool to define how much “you’ve got it going on” according to the social media gods.

    And as quietly as it’s kept, many common folks who are leading the typical “common lifestyles” are indirectly vying for the “celebrity” status. Several years ago, you wouldn’t think you had a chance at all. But now, social media has increased your level of hope astronomically. Hey, all it takes is doing something that goes viral right?

    Next thing you know, you’re on cable news and your followership continues to double and triple. Then, you’ve hired an agent, established appearance fees, signed a few endorsement deals, and you’re on your way. Oh but wait…what if you live in a popular market that is known for having celebrities pop up everywhere…like, (let’s say) Atlanta? Well, if popularity is what you want (right, wrong, indifferent), then pretty much, you’ll already have a great idea of places to frequent in order to get exposure.

    In today’s society, if you have a certain talent, all it takes is the right set of eyes witnessing you doing your thing after tagging and sharing, and boom! You’re in there. Now let’s keep it real, as bad as you want your children to go through certain challenges in order to learn the keys of life, you know that their eyes are glued to what’s popping on social media as well. And no matter how many times you may allude to the fact that they should beware of falling victim to the “easy come/easy go,” peer pressure is going to reign supreme and like you, they too are going to become addicted to what’s trending on social media and directly or indirectly govern their lives accordingly.

    Why is this so? Well, human nature makes it very easy to fall in love with the purported perks of being a celebrity. From the beautiful homes, exquisite sports cars, the fanfare, private jets, and VIP access to most venues/functions that common folks cannot get close to. Let’s not forget memberships to affluent clubs, spoilage from private chefs, and most importantly, ample opportunities to become even more popular and to get even richer.
    Here’s the reality, upon the advent of social media marketing, I’ve witnessed many folks putting more emphasis on the marketing aspect itself, than in working their skill or honing their craft. It’s almost like advertising a beautiful Corvette, but what’s not being promoted is the fact that the car has no engine…which in turn basically equates to false advertisement.

    Don’t get me wrong. If you cannot market, you basically don’t have a business or brand…plain and simple. However, if your brand cannot deliver what is being advertised, then it’s a lawsuit waiting for a time and place to happen. So while social media is an excellent platform for marketing and connections, it can also bear false hope in that some people are easily taken by attractive graphics and ads…but when it’s time to put the rubber to the road…a blowout or flat tire may ensue simply because the physical product is not what it is advertised as being. But just say it is, and customers are happy and you’re really living up to the hype, followership is stacked, profits are rolling in, and you’re now at celebrity status…exit privacy, enter publicity and a multitude of haters. That’s right, have you seen the negative comments on social media celebrity accounts? For every 3 positive things said, there are 2 that are negative. And yes, folks will say don’t pay attention to the haters, but when they come in by the thousands and hundreds of thousands, you cannot help but pay attention to them.

    People have to realize that there are just as many low sides to celebrity life as there are high ones. It just comes with the territory. It’s been this way since the beginning of time and will continue on until the end of time. Social media exacerbates the very good and the very bad. And all celebrities have to deal with the very good and the very bad. What goes up, comes down just as quickly. This is why people should not focus on being a celebrity, unless they already are a celebrity. In my humble opinion, people need to focus on refining their skills in their area of concentration and attempt to become the best they can be at it. In essence, keep the faith and NEVER let the next person outwork you.

    Grind, grind, and grind some more. And if attention and opportunities come with it, then so be it. Never lose your foundation or the essence of who you are. Don’t focus on what you do not have. Focus and work with what you DO HAVE and leave the rest to God. The celebrity room is a very crowded one full of drama. But if you’re working your behind off every day and handling your responsibilities, YOU ARE ALREADY A STAR IN YOUR OWN RIGHT.

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