Off The Beat w/ Marc Lacy: The Pro Athlete, The Rapper & Our Kids

In this entertainment heavy world in which we live, one thing’s for certain, people love
sports and music. It doesn’t matter where you go on God’s green earth. People adore
their sports stars and teams, as well as the chart-topping musicians and bands. Now
before I go any further, I’d just like to highlight the fact that I just published an article
emphasizing peoples’ focus on superstardom and how the power is alluring.

With that said, every loving parent out there wants the very best for their children. They want the kids to have plenty of wealth, health, education, and all of the amenities that come with a hardworking and prosperous life. However, some parents go through a mental tug-of-war because deep down inside, they want their child go get their education at all
costs…and rightfully they should. However, the family is extremely behind on bill’s and
little Johnny happens to have a bulls-eye jump shot and a killer crossover.

And he’s receiving letters from all of the top tier college programs. Additionally, he’s gaining
attention from NBA scouts as well. He could be a one and done college player, and
make millions in the NBA. Then the family would be sitting pretty financially, especially
if he gets that lottery pick money.

What would you do? Your kid is very talented on the ball court and your family
needs money. Plus, nobody in the household ever came close to getting a college degree,
if they even went to college to begin with. What would you emphasize to them?

Go to Kentucky or Duke, get seen by the scouts during your freshman year, then skate? What if they had a cannon arm, and sub 4.3 speed in the 40 Yard Dash? Would you influence them to go to a powerhouse SEC school with the intent on playing three years, go to the combine, and hope to get picked in the first round?

Better yet, what if your kid could lay down a nasty 16 bar freestyle and major labels are salivating at their mixtape? Would you allow them to sign to a major label while still in high school with a great chance of them telling the family that they may have to drop out due to label obligations? What if your house was about to be under foreclosure and your kid’s record deal came with a $100,000 bonus?

How would you look at it then? Would you be compelled to turn
down the offer and allow your kid to focus on school, accept the moral victory; but
you’re about to be put on the street at the same time? Or would you rationalize by
saying, “Well, at least he’s not selling drugs?”

What if your family lives in a large sports and entertainment market like Atlanta?
What can you tell your kid if they hear, eat, and breathe Falcon’s football, Hawk’s
basketball, or rap music from the large number of labels in the area? They see TV
commercials, they hear it on the radio, as well as see it on the internet. Not to mention
in school too. In grade school, everyone loves the athletes as well as those gifted
students who can put it down at a talent show as well.

If your kid is extremely gifted in sports and/or rapping, how much emphasis are you as a parent placing on the value of education? And if you are really emphasizing it, are the children really listening? Do you have any tangible examples by which you could illustrate to them, “this is what you get when you get your education?”

With all of the distractions around, how can you know that you have their ear when explaining the significance of education? Now let’s be real, we know that college isn’t for everyone. But everyone should have a fair opportunity to gain their education should they desire. If not an educational degree, maybe a trade or a vocational one.

Kids are paying attention to what their peers are paying attention to. They are also
doing a comparative analysis in their minds with the meaningful but sometimes
mundane things their parents are telling them. And right out of the gate, what their
peers like is naturally going to be more attractive to them, especially if/when they’re in
that impressionable age range.

Sports and entertainment are all around them, especially in the ATL. Kids love their parents; but during show and tell at school, they list quarterbacks, point guards, and rappers as their heroes. Now, I’m not in a position to say whether it’s right or wrong for them to do that. However, I do know that if someone is your hero, you’re paying the most attention to them and their lifestyle. You’re following them on Twitter, FB, IG, Snapchat, Youtube, and doing everything in your power to emulate them.

ESPN is showing highlights of them scoring touchdowns or slam-dunking, just about every music video channel and everywhere on the internet, they’re being seen/heard spitting rhymes over a vicious beat, while drippin’ in ice, and sporting the latest trending urban gear. See, you have to explain to the kids, on the surface, EVERYTHING LOOKS LOVELY, however agents and record execs will NEVER LOVE your child, the way in which YOU SHOULD love them.

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