One Fan Believes The NFL “Bleaux” It

One upset New Orleans Saints fan decided to tell Atlanta and St. Louis fans how he felt about the Saints’ loss just in time for Super Bowl LII.

Matt Bowers, a car dealership owner from New Orleans, rented ten billboards all around Atlanta to make sure everyone knows how the Saints fans are feeling. Like many, Bowers is angry about the “injustice” in the one call during the playoffs that Saints fans feel kept their team out of Super Bowl LII this year.

Though his billboards cost him tens of thousands of dollars in total, Bowers believes it was
worth it. The billboards show phrases such as “NFL BLEAUX IT” and “SAINTS GOT
ROBBED”. Bowers said he was just doing what any Saints fan would do if able when he
purchased the billboards.

Fans of both the St. Louis Rams and the Atlanta Falcons will get to see Bowers’ billboards on display throughout the city while they travel downtown for Super Bowl LII on Feb. 3. In fact, they won’t be able to miss the Saints’ fans displeasure with the NFL as they enter the stadium for the final game of the season – there’s a billboard right outside Mercedes-Benz stadium.



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