Plywood Presents x ATL Ideas Fest 2019

The Plywood Presents x ATL Ideas fest is a three day festival celebrating those locally and nationally who are striving to make our city, our country, and our world a brighter place when we seem to need it the most.

The festive will feature numerous speakers from Atlanta and elsewhere, as well as having workshops and town hall meetings that attendees will have the option of being part of. If you are looking to network and connect with other entrepreneurial-minded individuals, there will be 23 connection points throughout the festive to make this process easier for you. The event will feature 15 global leaders, 12 local presenters, and nine emerging projects.

In this, the event’s tenth year, the Plywood Presents organization has completely reimagined the three-day affair largely with input from the attendees themselves. Compared to previous years, the festival will have a greater focus on community amongst those looking to improve Atlanta and our world. There will be more hands-on activities and events that will have you up and moving and not just sitting in your seat for hours listening to lectures. They also worked on connecting more with the audience to ensure that when you leave the event, you feel more like you were a part of something bigger than yourself.

Plywood Presents has run numerous events that highlight the great work that local startups to promote good actions and social responsibility on the local and global scale. This organization knows that almost all change is done at the local level first, where we convert neighbors and other socially conscious individuals to help our cause and from a strong local base, we work to change the culture and community of our planet. The work performed by Plywood Presents affords these organizations an opportunity to amplify their voices and reach out to other connected individuals to perform the largest impact on behalf of the local community, our country and our planet.

The event runs from July 31st up through August 2nd. The Lee + White development in the West End of Atlanta has been the home of the festival for ten years. The festival will have four separate venues as well as four separate stages to best accommodate any and all presentations. The cost of a general admission ticket is $299, and if you are a college student with valid ID the cost is $125. If you are looking for an all access pass the cost is $349 and that comes with two free drink tokens to help your networking. The VIP Package includes ten total tickets and costs $4,000. This ticket includes a copy of To Stop a Warlord, by Shannon Sedgwick Davis, a speaker at the festival and five days of complimentary work at the Plywood Place co-working place in West End.



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