Protect Yourself From Injustice

You guys have NO idea how happy I am to share this story with you because it’s someone that I know personally and protected last month with the LegalShield membership.

This couple saw the value in the services, but didn’t see the need for it at the time.

But, for $20, it seemed worth it.

The new mom just reluctantly returned to work after her not-long-enough maternity leave.

Protect YourselfShe was told that the only place that she could nurse was the bathroom, a place where mentally challenged residents would regularly smear waste.

Her employer stood firmly by their choice, even telling her that state law supersedes federal law.

She put in a call to her law firm.

They drafted a letter and sent it to her for approval and advised her of her rights.

She was impressed with the professional, firm language, with all of the attorneys names down the side.

After the attorneys sent it, she gets a call from an executive who tells her that she will have a private room set up and even offers the executive office of her choice.


They called me thanking me. It made me feel great to help them, especially because they got the service BEFORE the incident, making it 100% covered under their membership.

Now, they are excited about sharing the service with others and earning enough money for her to be a stay-at-home mom and raise her own son.

Thank you, LegalShield!



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