Ragtrade Fashion Show

Last night’s Ragtrade Atlanta Fashion Show was nothing short of elegant, creative, & amazingly tailored! Collections featured included two previously featured designers: Natt Taylor and Edmond Newton as well as other extremely talented designers, Brenden Combs, Sylvia Mollie, and Zachary Nathaniel. The ambiance in the building was intriguing and sexy. The music matched each collection’s tone and artistic feel, and the models individual struts only added to the material adornment they illustrated in the most effective way. There were no “stars” in the show because all of the collections were amazing, but we are proud of Atlanta’s very own Edmond Newton who will be featured on season 14 of Project Runway! If you were among the few hundreds to attend the creativity in the room left with you, but for all that were not able to attend, LuxeLifeAtl will always bring the opulent style of the city to your home. #LuxeLifeAtl #Fashion



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