Rise of the eScooter: 250 New Docks Headed to Atlanta

    Photo Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

    E-scooters are a boon to the environment as they contribute in decreasing the carbon emissions and other pollutants which are gulping our planet. It is great to know that people are adopting e-vehicles and doing their bit towards society. In addition to this, it can’t be denied that the scooters have brought both operational and cost efficiencies in transport industry. These self-operating vehicles are easy, quick and convenient. This is the reason that both manufacturers of e-scooters as well as rent operators have sprung up. If you are renting an e-vehicle, you can locate the nearest one using apps and unlock it by paying for riding charge and drive it across the streets and to your destination where you can park it and end the ride.

    The e-scooters are easy to locate and drive, conveniently available and ‘dock-less’ which means there is no designated parking area from where you need to pick up or drop. You can pick-up from the spot where the previous rider had left, and you can drop off at your destination and some other nearby rider will pick up from there. This is the reason that their charge is very less which makes them an attractive option over car or bike pooling. However, e-scooters have created bit of hassle for the city. The concept of dock-less parking is very convenient, but they have cluttered the streets, footpaths and sidewalks which not only trouble the pedestrians but may also lead to brutal scooter crashes. Cities are desperate to tame the chaos caused by dock-less scooters!

    E-scooters are a great means of transportation as they have brought an intense variation in commute industry. They are keeping their promise of adding a layer of convenience but there is a need to bring some order to the chaos. Get Charged, Inc also known by the name of Charge have come up with an incredible idea of creating dock-stations for these dock-less scooters. They have secured around 250 charging station locations around Atlanta out of which 25 would be up and running in few months. The need for e-scooters is increasing and hence the requirement to make it systematic and organized.

    These dock stations would help in designating a spot of e-scooters so that they are not spread across the city. Riders have to drive these scooters on sidewalks because of the existing transportation ecosystem consisting of cars, motor bikes, light and heavy motor vehicles. Hence, it was necessary for someone to take an initiative to provision for dedicated and protected scooter spots which can at least declutter the foot paths. Charge has come forward with this elegant idea and investing in making this idea a great hit! The riders can park these scooters at these spots where they can be charged until they are not in use.

    Charge is working with experts from global engineering firm ARUP to design these docking stations which will be spread across the city for easy pick up and drop. The burning question is if people will be ready to use docks for a dock-less scooter? The answer is responsible citizens will!



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