Socialite Spotlight: Cigar Mike

In the world of luxurious living, having quality experiences is king. From the best cars, high-end fashion, and eclectic palates, the world becomes an oyster in the culture rich city of Atlanta.

Cigar Mike
Cigar Mike

One man who can best be described as the cigar connection is Cigar Mike. With a background in the nightclub and entertainment industry, Mike shared his journey and emergence as a leader in the cigar industry.

While working in the service industry, Mike paid attention to the cigar-enjoying clientele that would frequently look for quality products. Seeing an opportunity and equipped with a thirst for knowledge, Mike began to educate himself on cigars, the lifestyle, brands, trends, and everything that would allow him to add further value.


“People started asking me questions and I wanted to have a good answer” – Cigar Mike

With an array of high-profile and celebrity clientele, it’s no wonder that Cigar Mike has the well-earned reputation as the go-to guy when it comes to choosing and buying quality cigars.

What makes Cigar Mike such an extraordinary entrepreneur is his ability to get in front of a growing trend. While immersing himself in the cigar industry by means of education and networking, he has also created his own brand. This creates a buzz among his colleagues as they breathe in the experience (no pun intended) of hanging out with Cigar Mike, but also feel privileged to be meeting the person who may have helped in the discovery  of a cigar that they have come to love.

“It’s like buying Jordan’s and then meeting Michael Jordan“. -Cigar MikeIMG_1325

In addition to all that he does on the consumer side, Cigar Mike has a flourishing consulting business for beginning and established cigar retailers. He provides services which include opening a store, business management, branding, financing, and everything need to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Mike continues to amaze the world of business in Atlanta and will continue to do so. He invites all, from the remotely curious to the seasoned cigar enthusiasts to connect with him and have a world of pleasure best known by the elite to unfold.

Follow him on Instagram @cigar_mike to keep up with him and don’t miss the next Cigar Mike event!IMG_1335


  1. I recommend making Cigar Mike the new “Most interesting Man in the World “. Or at least Atlanta. He is well versed on all things Cigars


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