The Atlanta Science Festival’s Blowing Up!

Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is indeed the largest and most popular science event that takes place in Metro Atlanta. The two-week interactive science fair aims at enlightening interested people of all ages, on the beauty, mystery, and wonder of science; and this year is set to hold at the Piedmont Basketball Park up till the 23rd of March 2019.

Over the years, the festival has been presented by the Delta Airlines, but organized by Jordan Rose, and has indeed ushered hundreds of presentations by individuals, school/peer groups, museums, civic and community groups. These associations exhibit different inventions and innovations during this festival for the general public to see, and over hundreds of works are exhibited yearly. And this creates more scientific insights for other environments.

The festival celebrates the alliance of science and technology, with other related disciplines like engineering and maths, to create a wider knowledge of the world of invention. STEM, celebrates the future and role of science in everyday life and its application to other academic and theoretic principles.

Asides science and science related activities, the festival hosts a couple of family friendly activities during the fair, which is an insight to creating a deeper connection between science and Arts (STEAM), as well as creating fun. Family friendly activities such as puppetry arts and designs, ice cream science, solving mathematical problems, criminology, mock crime scenes and CSI related and zoo activities. Ice cream science involves tasting different flavors of ice cream and guessing the flavors with friends and family, and it also helps to learn the science and engineering that goes into ice cream making. Zoo activities however, is a nature endurance trek in sightseeing urban Atlanta, and it’s environment. It is most suitable for outdoor and nature lovers.
The purpose of these activities is to foster a deeper union between middle school age grade, teenagers and families, as applicable even through fun.

Atlanta Science Festival also helps to create awareness and inspire curiosity amongst the general public. The community and borders of science should be extended and developed beyond race, age, geography and ethnicity. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is no doubt a proponent of the educational sector, and with such festivals, more knowledge is acquired for college students and middle school grade.
With quite a number of sponsors, the festival has indeed thrived, and involved many other organizations and individuals into the annual program. There are events upcoming and ticket would sure be required to gain access to some events.

The science fair allows you to explore branches of science like engineering, mathematics, technology, etc. And on the 24th of March, Piedmont Basketball court sure would cover science demonstration, booths, and presentations with different innovations. Innovations as cool as touching a human brain would also be featured this year. The highlight of the event balls down to the total creation of more effective science innovations and engineering technology for demonstration and presentations throughout the festival period. It is indeed a thrilling festival.



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