Atlanta is quickly becoming the feeding ground for the independent spirits and more than anything a Southern Hollywood populated with Many Talented Movie-Makers and Performers ready for their moment to shine! And the Cast of the Independent feature, “Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me” are no exception. They give exceptional performances in the dramatic film centered around 3 women with very difference love lives…

“Andrea has the perfect husband and the perfect career. Her marriage to Troy Daniels is ripped from a storybook. But, something is missing. Troy is ready to start a family, but Andrea has reservations. Mira is successful in her own right. Her fear of commitment and abandonment won’t allow her to spend too much time with one man; but sometimes her vulnerability gets the best of her and she finds herself longing for love. Carmen has it all – a blossoming business, a husband who is a pro basketball player, and a beautiful son. But, when her husband’s career suddenly ends, and bad habits take over, she finds herself in a familiar place. Three women, three backgrounds, three different outcomes. But, one thing that all of these women have in common – each other. Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me follows three best friends – with an unbreakable bond – on an emotional journey to find the love, support, and knowledge that they should’ve had all along. Can they stop the generational curses before they set in? Or is too late?”

Written and directed by Rasheda Randle, “Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me” stars Cherrie McRae, Laketa Renee Booker, Sean Baker, Aaron J. Wiggins, and Josh Wesley with Troy Bland, Patricia McRae, Melanie Anderson, Charles McIntosh, Demita “Dee Fox” Johnson and ChelseyRai S. Standberry.  Also introducing, Imani Denniese Jones, Sanaa Mays, Ajia Johnson, Tyson Duncan, Turner Duncan, and Kaiden J. Johnson.


Join them for the Red Carpet Screening Thursday, August 18th at Landmark Cinema Midtown Art Theater, 931 Monroe Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308 -Tickets Available Now and can be purchased HERE!




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