Vice President Pence Attacks Mayor Bottoms on ICE Removal

On March 21st the Air Force Two headed to Atlanta, where Vice President Mike Pence made a brief visit at the regional U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, and on behalf of President Donald Trump he congratulated all the ICE employees and agents for the remarkable work they have done during the last years, and for making Atlanta and Georgia a better and a safer place to live.

During his speech he also shared the President’s plans to face the problems about the southern border security, confirming yet that the wall is needed.

“Walls work and we are going to build that wall,” Pence said. His affirmative message stated that the border should be secured to provide ICE employees in Georgia and everywhere across the country with ongoing support.

After all, he called the Atlanta mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, into question, for her statements about not being complicit in an immigration policy that intentionally inflicts misery. Addressing directly to the mayor, Vice President Pence countered, stating that it’s not the immigration policy that is responsible for all the distress, but it’s the opposite, as the flow of illegal drugs like cocaine, the human trafficking, and gang members is invading the streets.

Pence concluded that those who impose the laws do not cause any misery, as they protect the lives of citizens of Atlanta, thus they should be respected by every elected official in the USA.



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