Wearing Too Many Hats

many hats


I’m sure by now, you’ve heard many people indicate that it is crucial that you keep “many irons in the fire” just in case. In this era of financial uncertainty and instability in various employment and professional arenas, folks will certainly be more apt to making sure not all eggs are in a single basket. Many will invoke the “side hustle” mentality to shore up those funds…and there’s nothing wrong with that. People are seeking out creative ways to bolster up their income to always be prepared for the worst.

However, there are some folks out there who are simply wearing too many hats to be effective…period. And quite frankly, they’ve been doing it for so long, that to them, it doesn’t seem like they’re constantly spinning wheels. They figure “busy is better” and that keeping busy will keep you out of trouble. However they’re not mentally trained to view it as paying a lot for gas and just wasting gas by taking the scenic route on purpose.

I cannot speak for everyone; but I grew up in a household in which “busy” was emphasized day in and day out.

My folks were always busy doing something; but it was not without purpose. My siblings and I kept a full slate of extra-curricular activities, sports, events, etc. My mother and father scrambled feverishly to make sure the lights remained on, food was kept on the table, and that our backs had clothes on them. Then you pile on the additional “busy kid” items and you definitely know there would not be any room or time for “brake pumping.” What we witnessed in growing up, was “busy with a purpose.” Of course as kids, our minds were not developed enough to gain the full appreciation for the parental sacrifices made. However, as we grew older, we could see exactly what the rationale was when our folks did what they did. And I’m quite sure that my household was not the only household in which “busy with a purpose” occurred.

There were and still are millions of households on this earth in which a parent or parents don multiple hats with a meaningful goal in mind. When this is done, it’s very contagious and often time that trait is past onto the offspring.

Now, let’s be real though. Just because people wear multiple hats in general does not mean they are productive.

Some people wear multiple hats because it makes them look, feel, and seem important. Others may wear multiple hats because they may “think” it automatically means there’s a prize or a reward for them…even if they’ve never sat down to formulate a plan. With that said, there are many tools that people who are busy without a purpose, can use at their disposal and create a narrative as if they’re productive.

Earlier this year, I did a full series on various aspects of social media. Well, social media “can” be a playground for people who are masters in the creation of a “perception” that things are actually what they seem (via photos), or even better. Why? Because you simply cannot peer behind the social media wall and see what’s what unless you really know the person. There are some people who are hung up on the “appearance” of productivity; which in their mind, translates to the appearance of success. Society has trained us to focus on the appearance of winning…regardless of what the scoreboard says.

Now having said all of what I said, at the end of the day, people are at liberty to do what they very well please.

If a person wants to wear multiple hats with absolutely no meaningful purpose in sight, well that’s their business. They can do exactly as they please. As a matter of fact, these are the ones who have mastered the “PR” aspect of it all. If they can get you to buy into their game, then they’ve succeeded. Trust, if there were no biters, there would be no line casters…and it’s as simple as that. But all in all, it’s not against the law to wear multiple hats. But there’s a true blessing awaiting those who wear those hats with a meaningful purpose.

In this day and age, it is very important to set authentic examples for the younger generation so that they may have a sense of purpose in their attempts to emulate what they’ve been told is right. So if you’re going to have multiple irons in the fire, make sure those irons don’t melt away because they’ve been sitting in the fire for too long. At some point, they have to be removed, shaped, and transformed into an actual product. This is when wearing too many hats can be a good thing.

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