Why You Should Tune In to BET’s Boomerang This Month

Courtesy of BET

“Young, black, gifted and unapologetic AF”, this is what BET tweeted about the characters of their brand-new tv series, Boomerang which airs from February 12. To add cherry on top, Halle Berry and Lena Waithe have teamed up to produce this one. Boomerang, as you have probably guessed is a remake of the popular romantic comedy film of the same name, released on 1992, starring Halle Berry herself as well as Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens.

Lena Waithe, however, does not want to use the word reboot in this case, she is of the opinion that the tv series can be considered more as a sequel of the original film, a ‘what happened after’ kind of a thing. She says that there is hardly any point of remaking something which is considered a classic by so many, therefore, it is best to make something that is essentially new.

Waithe is quite hopeful that the series will be engaging for the present generation and the audience will not treat it as a shadow of the original film and rather consider it entirely new.

The series is being funded by BET networks and Paramount television. The first season is comprised of ten episodes, each episode will be half an hour long. Ben Cory Jones is named as the showrunner, who is also the executive producer of the show and is said to have teamed up with Rishi Rajani from Hillman Grad Productions.

Lena Waithe and Ben Cory Jones have supposedly written the pilot episode together, which will be directed by Dime Davis. Davis is supposed to direct the other episodes as well.

Apparently, the plot involves the next generation of the protagonists of the 1992 film. We shall see the son of the character portrayed by Eddie Murphy and the daughter of the characters played by Halle Berry and Robin Givens.

The son will be played by Tequan Richmond and the daughter will be portrayed by Tetona Jackson. And as the tweet says, they are supposed to be young, black, gifted, unapologetic AF. Isn’t this excuse enough to tune in to the series?

If you want more excuses, you must remember that Lena Waithe is a Emmy winning screenplay writer (she received her Emmy for an episode of Master of None) and if she writes something, you will not be disappointed.

Boomerang might just turn out to be a TV show that is perfect for the month of Valentine’s. A romantic comedy based on a 90’s classic might just be the perfect show for you to watch with your partner or alone, curling up on the sofa.

Halle Berry expressed her delight that she could team up with Lena Waithe whom she considers to be one of the most important icons of her times. If there’s Lena Waithe, we definitely expect a lot of good humor and warm, fuzzy feelings, therefore we hope that Boomerang is going to be a show that will warm you up from the inside in this cold, Valentine’s month.



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