#BestInLuxe: Atlanta Arts & Culture


As an international city that’s home to more than a dozen fortune 500 companies and dozens of colleges and universities served as host of the 1996 Olympic Games and is a significant hub for film and television production. Atlanta is very well known for its southern hospitality.

Atlanta is a world-class city with some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. We’ve seen the openings of the national center for civil and human rights the College Football Hall of Fame.

A favorite section of the Atlanta Beltline a 22-mile green space corridor encircling central Atlanta that’s connecting more than 45 distinct neighborhoods. Some of America’s best-known brands and companies are based in Atlanta from Coca-Cola and CNN to Home Depot and Delta Airlines UPS SunTrust Bank and Porsche North America.

The driving force behind much of the region success is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Having Hartsville Jackson, the world’s busiest passenger Airport. Really is an essential element to the city of Atlanta being one of America’s and the world’s leading cities. Have almost unmatched international connectivity.

Hartsfield Jackson welcomes more than 96 million passengers a year and enables some 2,500 flight operations daily. From Atlanta, travelers enjoy nonstop access to more than a hundred and fifty cities across America and over 60 international cities in 50 countries around the world. Hartsfield Jackson is Georgia’s strongest economic engine the airport makes a direct economic impact on metro Atlanta.

Whether you’re in Atlanta for business purpose or on a family vacation, there are many great things to do in Atlanta. Atlanta arts and culture play a major role in the development of various genres in American music and arts.

Here are ten things we recommend you don’t want to miss in Upscale Atlanta



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