Off The Beat w/ Marc Lacy: 2020 & The Overuse of Resolutions and Themes


Please forgive me for my seemingly partial attitude towards this subject, for I wanted to make that clear before I actually got into the crux of the article. But of course, in and around the New Year holiday, we start to hear of different resolutions and themes that people desire to announce in hopes that it will influence a higher quality of life for them.

Even though, ordinarily by the third week in January, the newness of the new year has worn off and the effort to adhere to resolutions cannot be saved…not even by fancy pomp and circumstance. This happens over and over again.

People see it in others as well as within themselves. Never fails. One goes through some challenging times during the year, so the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to enact change. It’s like being baptized, the transition into the new year is going to wash away all quirks, flaws, obstacles, and setbacks of yesteryear and THUS a new person, new life, and new outlook are in the air.

However, if one does not undertake a renewal of the mind, then the adulation is all for naught.

I’ve never witnessed the phrase “20/20 vision” used more in my entire life, than I have seen in these past couple of weeks. Many folks on social media will show a pic/video or a status update and hashtag it #2020Vision.

If we can do a quick journey back into time, it was only two decades ago in which people were using “A New Millennium” as the theme for the highly anticipated year 2000. So many things were supposed to have taken place during the segue from 1999 to 2000…including the end of the world. People put the fear of God in others in order to sell a narrative and for the most part…IT WORKED.

Coming up with clever themes tied to the new year is quite a popular and trendy thing to do…especially during this current social media heavy age. Think about it, all one has to do is come up with a clever saying, post it, get tons of likes, shares, comments, and now it’s legit! Not a dime has been spent, but promotions are peaking and no accountability has to be provided or proven for what has been declared.

Thus everyone catches on to the craze and they indulge in it until the next wave of trends or crazes become popular.

Here’s the deal, people have been trained to make as big of a splash as possible at the turn of the new year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party, ball, watchnight service, or a quiet night with the family. The tradition is that you make a resolution. The tradition for the subsequent year is that you make a resolution. The tradition for the year after that, you make a resolution. In essence, all you do is make a resolution, however there is no system of accountability in place other than that which exists within one’s personal realm of consciousness. People hear friends talking about resolutions.

They definitely hear preachers, speakers, and motivators mentioning them as well. But family members and mentors provide the heaviest influence as they tend to have a person’s ear the most.

And don’t get me wrong, having these positive influences is a great thing. But if there is no plan to execute a renewal of the mind process, then one would just be going through the motions as far as declaring a resolution and/or a theme. But just like many subjects, sometimes the “thought” of doing something major is more intriguing than actually doing something major.

To me, if a person seriously wants to make a difference in their life and in the lives of others, they will begin right then and not necessarily wait on a certain date or hour to arrive. They would also be encouraged to utilize faith, develop a process, and be consistent about it. When one wants to make a serious change in life, they are going to be committed to it regardless of the magnitude of the challenge that comes with it. There will be no change worthwhile that becomes manifest without major sacrifice.

And typically when one matures with the experience of a certain change, they realize it is not a thing per se; but a process that must receive maintenance on a routine basis. See, when people have to put their money where their mouth is, or simply get held to account, their perspective on the goal changes completely.

When a commitment is made, there are now stakes involved. When stakes are involved, the level of seriousness increases drastically and things are a lot realer at that point. When things get real, a person’s ability to focus on that subject is suddenly off the charts.

Bottom line, if one wants change and wants it bad enough, they will NOT be able to wait for a special date…they would take action right then and there.

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