In the age where everyone is sitting in the traffic of life, waiting for the next big deal, Beyoncé Knowles Carter is paving her own super highway.

While the entire project is simply life-giving, thirst-quenching, and all the things art should be made of, taking a look at the marketing strategies employed can do much to sharpen the skills of fledgling and established marketers alike.

But, let’s be real and clear: anytime someone can boast of (and live up to the claim of) improving a beat by sneezing on it, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

She really could have done a 3 am infomercial on chlamydia and it would have made millions.

However, this is not to take away or diminish the absolute genius that went into releasing this project.

First of all, let’s discuss the progression of things.

She announces a summer tour and ticket sales the day that the IRS is due to release the first income tax returns.

Shortly thereafter, she releases the most turnt song and video about Black empowerment, women, and does so in a way that literally gives the finger to anyone looking to put a damper on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Then, as if out of nowhere, when everyone was just living life and waiting on the next episode of Empire, she releases the Lemonade promo.

No explanation of what it is or what anyone should expect.

Just a day, time, and location of release.

The BeyHive and all at its doors were abuzz.

What is Lemonade?  Is it a movie?  An album?  What is about?  Why Lemonade?

Everyone was chomping at the bit and waiting with bated breath.

Saturday night.Lemonade_2

Tip 1- Don’t spend a lot of time trying to build anticipation for a project or venture. 

Obviously, Beyoncé has been hard at work, quietly, while we have been thinking that she’s just been traveling the country with her family and preparing for her tour this summer.

And while she was still working, planning her tour, releasing her single, and performing at the most viewed venue on television, the Super Bowl, she didn’t use each of these check points to say, “Coming soon, Lemonade” or “I’m ‘bout to drop the most dopest video album about cheating ever”.


She let the project speak for itself.

And it spoke volumes.

While the rumors of infidelity may never be confirmed or denied, the fact that she has so many people speculating and discussing it is doing exactly what any entrepreneur would want: drive traffic.

Attraction marketing at its best.

Focus: Create an exceptional product and the marketing will almost takes care of itself.

Tip 2- Create your own wave.

One of the reasons why Beyoncé has experienced such a tremendous level of success is because she does not wait to see a trend and then act.

She sets her goals for her brand and works feverishly to meet and exceed even her own meticulous standards.

Creating urgency in her own business helps to drive her own goals and keeps her in a position of having steady, lucrative, and automated income streams.

Focus: Create a clear picture from beginning to end of what results you would like and implement a plan to fan the flame to white hot intensity.

Tip 3- Use your own platform.

Exclusivity is the new Ferrari.  Nothing creates demand and a sense of urgency like only being able to get something from very specific sources.

Just as in fashion, there is nothing that makes a good more valuable than knowing that very few people are even able to experience it.

And if you are lucky enough to be one of these few, all the better.

Partnering with HBO for a live showing of the project and releasing it exclusively on her husband’s streaming service, Tidal, she made it so that she would have control over her audience as well as revenue streams.

There is tremendous power in creating and using your own platform.

It gives you the ability to tell the story that you choose to tell for your reasons rather than being limited by the message or purposes of others.

While the Carters have received much scrutiny about their motivations and ventures, the truth is they are some of the few in the industry who have had the courage to step out, risking it all, to create the space to have more freedom of expression.

Focus: Find a way to create your own platform.

Tip 4- When you are your own funding source, you get to make the rules.

Many often run off in hot pursuit of some generous donor or bank to fund their dream, not realizing that, in doing so, you limit yourself to the confines of whatever stipulations come attached with such funding.

You give up creative control and risk the integrity of your product or brand.

Being completely independent is like any privilege: it requires assuming greater responsibility.

So, if the idea tanks and all is lost, you as the self-sufficient entrepreneur must be willing to absorb the shock of the blow.

However, if you are to have success, as in the case of the visual album, Lemonade, you get to bask in its glory and take as many victory laps as you’d like.

Focus: Create and discover ways to fund your own projects.

Paying close attention to the many lessons that we can learn from Lemonade can do much to upgrade all like-minded visionaries to a level of greatness which can best be described as luxurious.Screen-Shot-2016-04-23-at-10.45.05-PM



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