Dating: 5 Week Violation Rule

Dating-Love & Basketball

In case you’re not familiar with sports, there is a rule in Basketball called the “Five Second Rule”. The rule states that in certain situations, such as shooting a free throw or when an offensive player is being closely guarded, the player must make a play or receive a penalty. The whole point of this is to promote continuous play while keeping a player from wasting time to drain out the clock. What does basketball have to do with your love life? Unless you’re Omar Epps or Sanaa Lathan, probably nothing. However, applying the principle of the “five second rule” to your dating habits may actually improve your luck with the dating scene. Hopefully it takes more than 5 seconds to decide whether you want a relationship with someone or not, so we’ll call this the “five week violation rule”

The rules for this are simple: If you or the person you’re trying to date doesn’t make a move, set up a serious date, or give cooperation by the time you have been communicating for 5 weeks, then it’s considered a penalty. This works well for two reasons. For one, it keeps you from wasting time waiting for someone to show how serious they are. Secondly, if someone is serious about getting to know you, but are just busy, this gives them time to free their schedule and make plans. If he or she cannot make plans within that period, or at least give a reasonable explanation as to why they need for you to wait longer to actually go on a date or spend time getting to know each other, then that person either isn’t serious about dating you, or simply isn’t in a position to casually date (money issues, already in a relationship, workaholic, etc.).

We are all busy people, and free time that doesn’t include simply resting up is sometimes a luxury. Unfortunately, some people tend to play the waiting game when it comes dating. This is why it’s important to have a “take the shot, pass the ball or lose possession” mindset with your love life. Using the “5 week violation rule” can help eliminate time wasters and free up your time in order to keep it pushing in the dating scene.



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